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Are you a bagger or a buyer?

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Just been thinking when reading one of the other threads, do you normally brown bag your lunch to work or eat/order out?
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I'm a bagger. I love to make lunch and bring it in. I see it as a wonderful challange.
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Lunch? What's that?
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Normally if I get a chance to have lunch I go home and relax for a few minutes I only live 3 minutes from home and the kitties appreciate the suprise.
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it's about half and half for me, actually the only time I bring something in is when my mom has leftovers and she brings me a bowl I love working with my mom!!! I don't like having to go out and get something so I like the leftovers, not to mention it saves me money
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I do a mix of both. Sometimes I just like to go get what I am craving other times I love what I ate the night before and could eat it for a week!
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I bring something from home..since I do not take a lunch (I get off earlier) I just nibble on stuff during the day and then I eat lunch when I get home at 1:45pm...
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I go home each day for lunch One of the perks of living 10 minutes away.
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I try to bring my lunch every day but that doesn't always work out. It's a lot easier for me to keep track of my weight watchers points when I make my own, of course!

I do like to supplement my lunch with take-out from where ever someone else is getting their food from. For example- I brought a turkey sandwich today & some other stuff but I'm also getting a wonton soup from the chinese place my mom is getting her lunch from.

Best of both worlds!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Just been thinking when reading one of the other threads, do you normally brown bag your lunch to work or eat/order out?
i usually 'bring' mine. actually, i have supplies here to make my lunch, so i don't have to bring something everyday. occasionally, a group of us will order out. & sometimes we'll make soup as a group, during the winter.
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I always go home to eat lunch- it's right down the road and it saves sooooo much money compared to what i'd spend eating out every day. I could never justify spending $$$ to eat out every day of the week. Usually the things I cook at home are better for me than the things I would get at a fast food resturant anyways
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I always bring my own lunch. It helps to save money
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I normaly take some lunch to work. I have to make Michaela's lunch anyway so i do some for myself too.
I had a school dinner once, never again, i think i would rather starve and Michaela will continue taking her packed lunches til she leaves
I will start coming home though soon anyway to check on the kittens when they are born.
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I eat dinner at work (I work 4pm until either 11pm or 12am) but I don't bring it or buy it. I work at Subway and get all my meals for free.
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I miss working in convenient!

I bring almost everyday. When I plan the menu/food shopping for the week...I stress much more about what I'm bringing for lunch than what I'll be having for dinner! I don't like boring lunches either, like a plain sandwich on non-descript it is a real challenge to come up with interesting stuff all the time.

I make/bring a lot of soup. I had veg. chili today. I'll have tuna casserole tomorrow...and probably just cereal or peanut butter toast for dinner this week
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I always being something from home for lunch.
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I normally eat out!
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A mix. I keep a stash of lunch makings in the fridge here, and most days I put something together. But sometimes a bunch goes out, sometimes someone is getting takeout and I get them to bring something, sometimes there are leftovers in the staff lounge from a weekend meeting (like today -- the pasta was REALLY good!).
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The only reason "Bring my lunch, eat it by 9:30 am, then have to go out to get something else" dosen't apply to me is that I also bring my breakfast to work !!!!!
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I do both..alot of the time, I bring a lunch but don't feel like eating what I bring..and then go get something..For I brought lunch..but felt like chinese, so got chinese instead..

I try to only eat out on Fridays though...but it doesn't always work
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I bring my lunch Monday thru Thursday. Since I get off from work at 11:00 am on Fridays, I eat out...usually a veggie sub from Subway. Before they changed our work hours and I was here all day on Fridays, I usually ate out on little treat for myself.
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I bring a little something for lunch, usually portable fresh fruit and nuts or bread, but then rarely take time to eat it.
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I used to make my lunch, but my work has a huge amount of snacks available, an order in lunch service that's reasonable, a cafe nearby that's cheap, and they give us free lunch on Wednesdays. Oh and bagels and pastries on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, so I'm usually not that hungry those lunch times.

They also have lots of different sorts of chow mein, noodle cup type things, so if I do miss lunch, I can have one of those in the afternoon.

I spend maybe $10-15 a week on lunch.

And DH's work supplies them with 3 meals a day if they want it, plus all the snacks he could ever want, so he never has to make anything either. My work also has a constant supply of fresh fruit, and cereals and stuff like that, so between us, all we ever need to buy is stuff for dinner!

We both much prefer it this way - easier and cheaper!!!
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I bring a lunch a few days a week and go out a few days, but sometimes I don't get time and sometimes I feel hungry early and have no choice but go out. Oh and sometimes the food truck guy comes by and has lasagne and then I just have to have that!
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Sorry Susie, I can't vote on this poll...I work from home!
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