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Cat Throwing Up.....HELP!!!

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Hi Everyone,

I have a 3 year old neutered persian who throws up everyday usually after he eats. I am not sure what is wrong. We have changed his diet, and it helped for a little bit and then it was back to throwing up. It is like he has never seen food before, he eats it so fast. So I fed him less amounts of food but it didn't help either.

I have taken him to the vet and had a blood test done but everything came out normal. They changed his diet again but it didn't help.

I am wondering if he has a disease that causes him to throw up and just needs medication for it.

Please help, I am thinking of taking him back to the doctor, something just isn't right, my baby is sick.

Have any ideas on how to make him stop?
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I think he is eating too fast. Whatever you feed him, just put down 1/4 at a time. If he still throws up, put down less.
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What are you currently feeding your Persian? Soft or dry food? The first thing you need to do is take your cat to a different vet for a second opinion. Throwing up every day is not normal for a cat- even a long haired kitty. It sounds like he is eating too fast....so like you mentioned earlier, give him tiny portions of food throughout the day rather than one or two large meals. Also, what is his water intake like? how much water does he drink in a day? If he is vomiting on a regular basis, he is likely dehydrated. I recommend going to your local pharmacy or grocery store and buying some clear Pedialyte (infant fluid replacement) and giving him several dropper fulls before going to the vet. Has your cat been dewormed and tested for coccidia and things of that nature? Also, have you ever observed your cat eating non-food items recently? (pica). How long has he been throwing up like this? Also, when he vomits, is it mostly food or is there a lot of fur in there also? (I know thats a nasty question, but it's important). I would recommend taking him in for a second opinion as soon as possible.
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Hi! I'm new to the forum but I wanted to share some info with you !
I had a Persian kitten that would throw up and have runny stools, sometimes all at once. Our vet told us it was related to somesort of intolerance due to her food. Somekind of digestive tract problem. The vet told us that she would get better as she grows older and by using special wet food that he recommended. she really got much better within a few months. No more throwing up and no more runny... well you know But don't get me wrong only a vet can confirm this to you. I only wanted to share and give a little hope
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Has your vet ruled out IBS, Coccidia and Giardia? That's what my vet is telling me may be wrong with Shadow. She throws up every time she eats as well and has bloody diahrea. My vet took an X - ray and found out Shadow's intestinal walls are thicker than normal which he suspects is inflamation.

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There could be a couple simple things to correct.

First, raise his dish by using a book or two to help prevent swallowing air.

Second, if he is eating dry food then get some large marbles or even some of those toy balls for cats and put in the dish so he has to work around them to eat. That will slow him down.

If it is wet food then try spreading the food across a large plate to prevent wolfing.

There is also the possibility of food allergies to consider, in which case you would need to try a different food with one meat and one vegetable for elimination trials. Many on here can advise you when it comes to such things.

Of course there is always the check with your vet thing which you have done and should continue to do.

I hope you get your problem resolved quickly.
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That is great advice about the marbles, as long as kitty doesn't roll them out of the dish!

Gizmo sometimes wolfs her food and throws up afterward, but if your kitty is doing it every day, I'd suspect a food allergy or an illness.
Try switching to an unfamiliar protein.
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PLEASE HELP MY CAT!! I am new to this - today actually. My DSH cat, 7 yr old male, recently dx with diabetes, and on 1 unit twice a day. He is also on DM food wet and dry. Wet food two times a day, about 20 minutes before he gets his insulin. He then throws up about 4 hours later, a little brown liquid. He wants to eat again right after taht. I called my vet and she did not seem that upset, said as long as he is eating and drinking, he might just be getting used to insulin. I still thought something was wrong so today, I called the ER vets and they said it is not normal and I have an appt tomorrow am with an internal medicine cat vet. STILL, he seems so unhappy and uncomfortable. Are there any natural remedies for a cat to make them feel better? Has any one else had this problem. He has been throwing up like this since Wed nite: twive a day, 4 hours after he eats and has his insulin. He is not over weight, he weighs only 14 pounds. Please advise, he is my baby. Thank you. He is a blk and white. He is also on cisipride and lactalose. The ER vets said none of that should be the problem. I am lost.
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Thanks everyone for your advice, he is still throwing up! Poor guy! I am going to take him to the vet again, he has been on so many different kinds of foods. The thing is, he never used to do it, it just all the sudden started a few months ago. I will keep you all posted. Please give "GET WELL VIBES FOR PAWS"
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Candace, I had the same problem with an (ex) vet, he made need his insulin dosage or timing of insulin changed and I am sure the vet can let you know about that tomorrow, in the mean time just watch him carefully

Do you have a home testing kit to see if his BG is spiking and if the insulin is working?
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