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Car Traveling with Cats?

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Any thoughts, help or advice appreciated. Hubby and I are going to have to drive to Chicago from NJ and will be in Chicago for a few days to empty out a storage facility. There is no one who can come here to feed our cats while we're gone. We've made arrangements for the ferals, but we don't know what to do with the two that are now our pets.

Is it better to bring them with us or board them?
We'd like to bring them, but they're not trained to use a lead yet, and I'm scared of leads because one of our kitties escaped from one once.

Then...if we bring them, should we get a large crate so they can be in there together?

We usually make the drive (11 - 12 hours)in one day, but we figure with the kitties we should break it up into two...right? They usually sleep for about six hours in the afternoon anyway.

Lastly, on the last day of packing up the storage facility, which will be when we pack what we're keeping into the Van, do we bring kitties in cage while we pack for several hours (which would normally be during their play time in the morning) - or should we get a late check out from the hotel and pick kitties up to start the drive home when we're done?

Lots of questions, but it's a situation! Thanks,

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Did you know that if you use a pet transport system, and you are moving to upgrade your job situation, the entire cost can be tax-deductible? Just thought I would throw that in.
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Vader,Peppurr,Mimi and Mischief all love car rides. Mischief gets up on the steering wheel and tries to drive. Vader sits in my lap the whole time were driving. Mimi likes to sit on the floor by my feet and clean herself! Peppurr also sits in my lap the whole time. There is a sleeper on the back of my friends truck (like a canopy only shorter) that the cats sleep and eat in. I take my cats for rides to PetsMart and they love it. If you decide to take your cats with you there is a pet safety belt you can get a PetsMart, or you can get a big cat carrier. If you start taking your cats on car rides with you, even just around the block they will get used to it. Good luck with your trip. Have Fun!!
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Vader - we took your suggestion without knowing it! Electricity went off here Thursday night. By Friday (100 degree plus weather by mid-morning) we had to get out of here without any electricity. Took the kitties together in the small crate we have, grabbed a travel litter box, their dishes, food and some toys and headed to a motel. They didn't mind the ride at all. Shelly loved exploring the new space - Lazlo hated it. After a couple of hours of hiding under the bed, he finally ventured out for a quick look around, and then returned to hide under the bed again. Shelly tried to engage him in play, and finally gave up and came up topside to play with us instead.

SusieQ - great suggestion on the crates. We've decided to go with the two big crates together idea and just drive striaght through. Since they don't mind the car ride, but don't like new spaces, we figure it best to skip stopping inbetween since the distance doesn't make it imperative. Thanks for all the help!

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