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It's Official....

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At the end of December my boss will be leaving & going to our corporate office. I was really nervous about it, but there is a possiblity that I may be reporting to someone that I would not mind reporting to. I was really afraid because the person I had heard they were going to give the position to was not someone I would have wanted to report to. So I'm a little more comfortable with the situation. I am still loosing a portion of my job, but it makes room for something else I'm supposed to be doing.
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Did you like your current boss??? Well change can be a good thing too with new management.
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I personally hate change, but I hope yours goes without a flaw!
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I'm not big on change myself. With my boss it depends on the day, so it might be nice to have someone who's mood is more consistant. We have 2 office buildings here & what stinks is that with all of these changes one of my favorite people to work with is moving over to the other building. I think I'm just really comfortable with my boss, I've worked for her for 8 years and since I don't do well with change it's hard for me. I just keep telling myself this will teach me a good lesson.
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I hope you and your new boss hit it off!!
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