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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom View Post
I have also thought about Chocolate labs. I haven't decided what I will get but I know I want a purebreed puppy. But I guess I really don't get to do the choosing they do don't they! i would be happy with whatever dog chose me!
Oooh the chocolate labs with the green eyes are beyond beautiful
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Look at this sweet girl! They say she is good with cats too!!
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Are you going to contact them. Considering all that she is getting done $300 sounds reasonable and maybe they can arrange for a meetup with her and maybe for her to meet the cats.
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It says she is good with cats as her fosterhome has cats! I have to talk to Lee about it first! I didn't intend to find a dog I wanted today! Just to find out more about the breed. But I would love to rescue this sweet girl! Cross your fingers that lee and me have a good talk about that!
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Ohhhh she is beautiful!!! I'm sooo glad you decided to look into rescues I hope she gets to go home with you
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You guys I am as giddy as a school girl!! I hope Lee says we can put in an application for her! I think she would be a perfect addition to our home as long as she is good with cats!
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I would still ask for a visit with her with the girls because some dogs are good with cats in the home but they don't always like strange cats. I had a dog like that. And this way you know if your girls are going to respond well to her too. But I really hope you get to get her.
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Of course I will still have a meeting. I know Phenom isn't going to take it well. She is a snobby girl. She was mad at me for weeks when we took Phantom in. I doubt Phantom will care. She tries to attack Bandit through the front door!

Hopefully she isn't adopted by the time I get my application in and moeny together!
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How exciting!!
Tasha looks like a sweetheart. I love the last pic of her geting "beat up" by the little dog.
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she's gorgeous! thanks so much for looking into rescueing rather than buying from a breeder. I hope you are able to adopt her and maybe her foster mom could hold her for you until you get your application in and your money together.
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OMG did I miss something?? Are you getting this Weim Brandi??!!
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I don't know what i am getting. I was on Freecycle and a lady is having to get rid of her husky puppy. She can't take care of it anymore. I e-mailed her. I told her i ma interested but had to talk to Lee first! Ya'll I don't know what kind of dog I want anymore!
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hehe, maybe you can adopt both
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No i just got off the phone with Lee. He says he doesn't want a puppy in the house until he is back that way it gets to know him too. Makes sense but I am still disappointed.
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Silly men! THe puppy would be used to him at any age...And that Weim is a puppy too at only 4 1/2 months old!

Let us know what you decide!!!!!

I vote for the Weim rescue...and tell the Husky lady about Husky Rescue in your area...
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I know. I really want the Weim. But Lee is right. His parents dog listens to me somewhat but not as good as he would if I had part in training him. And I think tying to train a dog gmight be a little much for me right now. I know she would help relieve some of my stress about Lee leaving for 9 months but I am going to have to go with what Lee thinks is best. I would really love the Weim though.
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Awwwwwwwwww. Poor you and poor pup. I thought he said it was a good idea? He has now changed his mind?

But hey, to take the loneliness out of Lee leaving,how about volunteering at a shelter and walking the dogs there? That way you can see pups and dogs all the time, keep them AND you company and then get a good idea of what breeds you do best with?

I do agree that a Weim is a HUGE challenge to take on if you aren't ready...

Hope everything works out
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I don't know what he was thinking. He knew taking me to Petland to see the Weim they had would make me want one even more. But I have my girls to keep me company and the first weekend he is gone is slam packed with things for me to do and hopefully the 9 months fly by. Then we can look into getting a Weim!
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We had a Weimerwaner growing up. She was great with our cats, and even better with children. She would have died before biting any of us. My mother told us how she was in another room and she heard Dutches (that was her name) crying. She went in to find out what was wrong, and my little brother who was about 3 at the time was sitting on top of Dutches biting her, and pulling her floppy ears as hard as he could. All Dutches did was cry, she never even tried to bite. What a wonderful dog she was. She was the sweetest most loving dog a person could have, but let a stranger come into our yard, and she was like a Pit Bull. She was not going to let anyone hurt us. She was THE BEST.
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