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UTI - just off antibiotics and symptoms are back!!!

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My kitty had a UTI about 5 months ago. Three weeks ago, I noticed the same symptoms, so I dropped off a urine sample and the vet confirmed another UTI.

She was put on Clavamox for 2 weeks, which made her vomit and decreased her appetite... the vet also scheduled her to come in 3 days after the antibiotics are finished, to do a urine culture. So after 4 or 5 days of vomiting on Clavamox, the vet switched her to Clinsol. She did great almost immediately.
No litter box problems and her appetite was wonderful. Yesterday was her last day on Clinsol.

Now, this morning, I noticed her going back and forth to the litter box again.... and unable to pee ! I called the vet this morning and I'm waiting for her to call me back. GRRRRRRRRR ( I hate waiting ) .

Any thoughts on what may be going on?
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What type of clavamox did you use...liquid always makes my cats sick(puking) had 2 dif cats on the drops and those were also on the pills without problem. also what was the urine ph> any recomendations to go to a rx diet? RJ(who has had 2 major urinary issue cats-one I lost to a blockage and the other I have)
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It was liquid Clavamox. I don't have any luck using pills with her. I don't know what the pH of her urine was. I need to get a copy of all those results next time I talk to the vet.
No diet change just yet.
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Sometimes a kitty's URI may require an additional round of medicine to truely get rid of it. It's nothing too major really . You're doing the right thing by trying to take her back in to see the vet. Go ahead and take her back in and see what your vet recommends. If she is not better after a second course of medicine, I would highly suggest having an ultrasound done on her (bladder, digestive track...) to see if there is potentially an underlying reason to her current bladder problems. Cats can get kidney stones and problems of that nature... so be sure to ask about such things like that when you take your kitty in. Keep us posted! I hope your cat gets to feeling better soon
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I just went home on my lunch hour to check on her. While I was there, she went in the litter box with no problem! It also looks as though she went a couple of other times while I was gone... and not just little drops. Hmmm...maybe it's " the other end" that she's having problems with !
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