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Am I doing the right thing?

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Hi all from Keith and Meow from Thumper....

So, my question is there is a Male maine coon available where I got thumper from and Im going to visit him later today. What are you thoughts introducing a 2nd kitty to thumper for a pal? Id love to have both a male and a female, but I want to make sure it wont affect thumper.

oh thumper is 7.2 months old and just hit 8lbs

Your thoughts?

Thumper & Keith

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I have a Maine Coon cross and if I had a chance to get another one, I would, hands down.

You know that thay mature very slowly, but they are the world's best lover.
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Thumper is neutered? He's still young and I don't think there'll be dominance fights but, best get him neutered and settled before you bring in the will be less stressful all around!

Just wanted to lovely that you're in Maine and you''ve Maine coons!
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Yes thumper is allready fixed and quite comphy in my house ( or should I say spoiled). She is very friendly and such a blast... The new kitty a male will be fixed also and it will be easy for me to follow introduction instructions. he will be ready to be picked up on the 11th.

Well im hitting the road to go visit him so ill let ya all know how things work out.

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It all sounds good to me! Good luck and have fun! What color will the baby be? I'm holding out for a Red tabby!
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The New kitty is the image above. black and white calico here are some photos of thumper who I current have.

I just got back but he was having his kitty visit to the vet. I had a nice talk about getting these 2 together so Im good with that. I put a deposit down and am going back on sunday for my visit after he gets some time being back from the vet. The breeder is going to see on sunday if she thinks he will be ready for me to pickup.

Keith & Thumper & ?????
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They should get along just fine. Ussually opposite sexes do. They may have tussles at first, but that is just going to be Thumper making sure that the kittens knows who the boss is.
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I say go for it. I would have another cat if my dad would let me. And I think your cat is at a good age to introduce another one into the family. And please post some pictures soon on fur pics.
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Thanks all...

Ive allready come to the conclusion that im the 2nd class citizen in the house now and Thumper is the boss. Now if I could only get her to pay the morgage.

Its been so much fun having a cat for the first time and how smart and interesting they can be. Ive been amazed at the things that thumper can learn and how fast. The other thing thats quite amazing is the things that she's teaching me.

At one point I thought she was getting afraid of me since when im near the stairs she runs up to me then if I get close or try to pet her she makes her maine coon noise and runs up the stairs and hides behind the sheet at the top of the stairs. She peeks through the bottom of the sheet and stares at me. As soon as I turn to look the other way she runs down the stairs as fast as she can right to me and waits for me to touch her again. Then its the same thing all over again. Before I touch her she will stay as long as i dont make contact in a ready to run up the stairs pose untill I touch her. So id guess she's teaching me a game she likes.

I went upstairs tonight and she was on the bathroom sink so I turned the water on a little bit and she was playing with the water in the sink but her head was right under the faucet and you could tell she was wondering why the water was stopping then she would move her head and it would start dripping again. What a hoot. I cant even explain how funny it is when she plays with one of those packing peanuts ( lots of pouncing, backflips, summersaults). My cheeks still hurt from laughing so hard.

Then there is playtime with the ladybugs. One will be walking around and Thumper will cover it with her paw and since her paws are so big it will end up staying on her paw when she lifts it up. the face she makes is so funny, then it moves and she shakes her paw around to get it off. Rinse and Repeat.

-Keith, Thumper & ????
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Never a dull moment in your house, eh?! I bet Thumper keeps you on your toes and in stitches all the time!

How wonderful that you're going to get another kitty! Just make sure to introduce them slowly. Here's a wonderful article on how to introduce them.
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Cute kitten. The new one you want to get is the one pictured above?That isn't a calico, just a black and white, unless I misunderstood something. very adorable though! I saw the link to your other kitten Thumper, I LOVE her paws! They are huge!
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Chester&Piper: Thanks for the link to that article, that will come in handy next week...

Jen : Yes the new one is the black and white. So calico is tri color of certain colors? Im still learning these things.

I think im gonna have a hard time coming up with a name. Thumper was easy since she was allready named when I got her and with those paws I really couldnt think of a better name. But ive got a week to come up with a good one.

-Keith, Thumper & ????
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He's looks kind of like a "Zorro" to me. It looks like he's wearinf a mask around his head and eyes. He is SOOOO cute!
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Any combination of two colours =bi-color, a calico is mostly white with patches of black and red.

Good for you!!!! And I think Zorro or masked man are great names!
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I do like zorro, Domino was another one.

Ill get a list together and decide when he comes home...

-Keith, Thumper & ????
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You sound like me. It wasn't long after I got my first cat that I got my second cat. It's amazing how quickly they win their people over.
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Oh! I love Domino! That is SOOOO cute! Keep that on the top of the list of names!
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