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my next door neighbour know's someone who is rehoming there 2 year old labrador, very good with children and other dog's.
the reason for rehoming is due to them having 2 rotty's and they just don't have the room.(why get another one then) but anyway.
is house trained and very clean, fleed wormed and netured. she is asking £50.00 to ensure a good home. apperntly he had a bit of an accident a cupple of week's ago(hit by a bus) wasn't serious just damaged his back leg ( not broken or torn anything) just need's to be rested, my OH has falling in love with the picture we was given. now we are not a dog family not for at least 7 year's anyway. i have 7 cat's in total but the older one's used to live with dog's before they came here. she said she dosn't know how he is with cat's as they don't have any, but when outside he never attempt's to go after the cat's. do you think we would be stupid going to have a look? and what other thing's should i ask her ? and any link's would be great on labrador's will be apperciated. thanx
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I'd say it was worth having a look and I'd maybe see if it was possible to arrange a brief dog/cats meeting to see if its completely impossible for them to co-exist or not.
I'm not much of a dog person but I hope this helps
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thanx for the reply but i just phoned the lady up(she did say she would waite untill friday) but she has just told me she has already found a home for him.
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here are some labrador retriever rescues in the UK..

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thanx for the link , but i wasn't actually looking to rehome a dog lol it was brought to me by a friend that she knew someone looking for a new home . she showed me the picture and well that was that , i did phone her back up last night , she said that if the bloke didn't want him then she would phone me , but something dosn't seem to add up as she is rehoming her 10 year old yourkie aswell due to her 2 rotty's bullying him. he dose not like cat's so no way i could home him. as far as i can gather her rotty's are only young she said she had the yourkie since a pup. so maybe it was for the best that it didn't work out . but he did sound like the ideal dog for us( why we have never gotten a dog before is because we have never found the right one) so we gave up and got 7 cat's altogether lol not that they was planned , but wouldn't be without them now thanx again
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