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Cat learned new incessant, obnoxious meow

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As of last week, my 7 month old cat has started making the most annoying sound I have ever heard. It sounds like he's reaching into the pits of his vocal box for it... just this "ROW... ROOOOOW... ROOOOW..." It is done with a mind-numbing-torturous-to-my-ears tone. When I first heard it, I thought "Is that really him?" At first I thought maybe it was coming from outside.

He has his own cat room, where he stays every night... with litter and toys and everything. And one morning I woke up to this sound. The weird thing though is that he seemed to already know that it's "bad" (you know how when your cat does something bad you can tell that they know). I went and opened the door, and instead of greeting me or running out he ran and hid (and he's not timid at all). Since then, he's been doing this every night.

He'll do this other times too... like when I'm watching TV, I'll be petting him... and then he'll get bored with it and go into the other room and start making this meow. Or even if I go to the bathroom... I can hear him out and around the house "ROOOW". I'm guessing it's because he's lonely or bored.

He's very active throughout the day, especially the hour before I put him away. And he has plenty of toys in his room he could play with by himself, especially those tinsel balls that he's addicted to. So I don't think there's any advice for this... but does anyone else know what I'm talking about?
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Beavis does this but carries around things when he does it. Its very loud and obnoxious as well. He just recently started doing it within the last several months. I mentioned it to his vet in passing and his vet told me that its his age (18yrs old) and the multiple changes he has been through in the last several months. Its a PITA when i go to bed with a clean house and wake up with toys and clothes all over the floor now. He seems to do it when he wants attention but when you go to pet him he just runs from you. Its crazy. I was thinking about trying a fluoxetine transdermal gel and seeing if that would help with it at all but i dont know anymore. Guess Ill just have to live with it.

Check with your vet and see what they say. Has he been neutered? honestly, I cant imagine sleeping without my cats running all over the house and sleeping with me but thats just me

Good lUck

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He hasn't been neutered yet, I'm still working on the money for that, will do as soon as I can. And mine also runs away whenever I go to pet him, thinking these meows call for attention.

When he was a kitten I loved sleeping with him... but then he started getting active in the night and running around my room like he was on crack! I would keep him in the main part of the house, but he would get too noisy with his toys in my parents' hallway.
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Sounds like he's calling for the girl kitties, he's at the right age. Neutering him will fix that.

If you want to let us know where you live we may be able to find a low cost vet for you to get him done.
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Yep. Time to get him neutered. His voice is changing. My old male went from a real soft mew to a loud Siamese roar at puberty.
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My cat does the same thing too. I neutered him but it didn't help. I think it is because I waited til after he was already mature before neutering him. I assume that the only way to prevent it is to neuter males cats BEFORE they learn how to meow like that.

My cat ALSO runs away when I try and give him attention to make him shush.

It's annoying, but like amitya said, you just have to live with it. Oh, the joys of owning a male cat!
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My mom's cat starting meowing like that at that age. He also started spraying. We scheduled an emergency neutering That solved both problems. The sooner you can get him neutered the better the chance that the yowling will stop and he won't start spraying.
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