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4AM/US Time Change....

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Good grief...
It's 4 in the morning....I need sleep.
In the US, our daylight savings time was turned back to standard time last Sunday.
My furry alarm clock Sadie, who usually sleeps until 5AM, now meows for me to get up at 4AM.

Any one else dealing with a kitty who does not recognize the time change?
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Three of them, plus 2 barking huskies!
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Abby started making noise at 3:30 this morning.
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Willow is still an hour ahead! He was up and meowing in my face at 6am this morning!
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It looks like I am not alone here in the pre dawn hours.
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Yeah, we are all in the same boat!

I got a bite on my cheek when I ignored my furry little alarm clock and the snooze button swatted me back several times until I admitted defeat and fed him!
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I had a firm talk with my 2. Jaffa hung on my every word but Mosi wasn't paying attention and demanded breakfast at a very unreasonable time on sunday morning. It affects Jaffa more at teatime - he was demanding it at 3pm yesterday! If he wants it at 3pm today it's too bad though as I'm at work.
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I tried to 'reset' Gizmo by waking her up as she slept on Saturday night. She got me up at 3:30 AM this morning. I said NO and she went back to sleep. Gizmo is a very smart cat--and it helped that it was still dark outside.

Of course since I was already awake I got up anyway.
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I'm using an automatic feeder in the morning, and setting it ten minutes later every day this week. I don't have any trouble with the evening meal, but breakfast is "supposed" to be served at 5 a.m., which means 4 a.m. right now!
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