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A man looking to adopt in Portland OR area

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I live near Olympia WA so if you have a kitty anywhere between here and there I will transport for him. He is a naturopath, and a friend of a good friend. He is looking to adopt--not a kitten, but an adult kitty who especially likes to snuggle and also likes to mouse. I've met this man, he was in my home and was quite gentle with my kitty. He has roommates but will be the responsible owner, and promises me to care for it for life. Please contact me if you have one in the Seattle Portland area.

I have never posted nor seen a post like this before, it seems the flipside is usually true--so so many kitties need homes. He knew I was involved in rescue and so asked me. thanks--
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We just bought a home in Gresham and have a cat that we have been taking care of for a few days now. Its owner lived down the street and moved and left the cat

Me and my girlfriend feel very bad for it so we have been letting it in and put a bed and food and water in our shop for it. The truth is we honestly cant afford to keep taking care of it. This is our first home and the mortage is killing us. We would love to take the cat in for a checkup and give it its shots if needed, but we just cant do it. The cat is extremely affectionate and loving. She doesn't even know us and she jumped at the chance to come in our home. Let me know if you are interested, I would hate to have to send it to a shelter

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Hello, this person's roommates adopted a kitty from the Humane Society, so he no longer is looking to adopt--I am sorry. I had some trouble contacting him and sorry I am just now replying.
I do understand about the cost of having a pet--There is free neutering out there, and shelters with lowcost programs for shots...very good wishes to you and it is kind of you to take her in.
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