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Anybody want a couple of cats???

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I have 2 cats to give away. Nice enough kitties, one's a bit shy - both have sharp claws that dig into every piece of nice furniture you own ans WILL NOT learn not to get onto the table!!!!

Stumpy barfed all over the dining room table that she's not even supposed to be on, so I took the tablecloth off and there's kitty claw marks on the table!!!

The one piece of nice furniture we own is our dining room table, which is about a year old now, and a beautiful dark wood table, with leather chairs. They love to race all over the table and chairs - mainly the chairs. Their claws have made a mess of the leather chairs - soft claws have helped but not stopped it, and now there's scratches in the table as well!!

We've already had to cover the chairs with ugly chair covers and put padding on the seats to stop them from completely ruining them, and now it looks as the table is going to have to be padded and constantly covered as well

They better be nice to me tonight or if anyone offers to take them I might just take them up on the offer!!!
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I'll trade you Ophelia for those two....they can try as they might...our table just doesn't scratch! Maybe we should just trade tables instead!
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I'll take your 2 if you take my 5!!!Just kidding.
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As long as they don't run their claws down the table and chairs I'll take them!!

Trading tables sounds fine too!!! Ours is REALLY heavy and an absolute pain to move! It is a gorgeous table though...
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Mine love to tear up drywall!!!!
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I'll take them ..................

I've got enough of my own

Mine just do as they please...Most are ex-ferals,but hey why discriminate

I suspect all those plucks and pulls in your furniture will just remind you of all the times the free loving spirited kitties you love enjoyed YOUR furniture

and thats irreplacable!!
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