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Stressed out kitty!!

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I have a wonderful 2 yr. old inside kitty, Max. Max loves to go outside with Mom on the leash, we walk only in the front and back yard. Otherwise Max spends his days gazing out the windows and doors. He always tries to scoot out, but I am very careful about watching him when the door opens.
Until Thursday "night" Max scooted outside before I could catch him. I went down to grab him, but he hissed and scratched at me....VERY unusual for him. I was calling for him and shaking food but couldn't see him. I was absolutely beside myself!! He's my baby!!! Then I called for reinforcements. I had a search party looking for him outside with flashlights, I left open both my back and front doors with food on the porches to try to lure him in. Then my brother saw him under my back deck! I was immediately happy he was nearby and not in the road somewhere. When he went to reach for him, he hissed and ran to the front yard. We'd see him, but when we'd dive for him, he'd always get away...fast little bugger!! We had a blanket to try to throw on him, but we'd always miss him. I was happy he only went where we had walked on the leash, but this front to back yard went on for two hours!!! Finally he ran through the open front door on his own....THANK GOD!! But when I went in to check on him, he hissed, screeched and was running back and forth like he was going to attack! By this time it was close to 11pm, so I just left him alone and he stayed out of sight. The next morning he seemed ok, but out of nowhere, he was in his attack mode again and ran upstairs in my spare bedroom. I called the vet and she told me he was probably just stressed and to leave him in the room he had run into, put his food, water and litter box in there and close the door to let him calm down. I did this all day Friday, then Sat. morning I cracked the door open, didn't say anything, and he came out on his own. I was walking very slowly, careful not to talk too much to scare him. He seemed fine...I was happy, I thought I had my ole' Max back. But out of nowhere, he hissed again and ran upstairs. He wasn't in attack mode, but I let him go upstairs and be alone, then he'd come down when he was ready, seemingly normal. Sun. morning he crawled into bed with me, purred, seemed fine....then again with no warning, he hissed and ran again!! I am so thankful that I got Max back, and I will tip toe as long as it takes...I'm just wondering if anyone knows how long I can expect this stressful behavior to last, and how do I know what is triggering the hissing...I just want my lovable kitty back.
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Hate to ask this but is he neutered? Sounds like he's looking to expand his territory and there may probably be a female on heat in the surrounds!

If he's already neutered then you'll need to get him to a vet and ask for de-stressing measures...
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Just a tip (for future escapes) - mine have done the same in the past, and what works is NOT lots of people running around calling him and flashing lights all over, but you alone, outside the door, just occasionally calling him in a cheery 'mealtime' voice, but otherwise giving him time to assess the situation, get up his nerve to come out from whatever bush he's under (or down the tree), and gradually come towards the door. Do NOT make a grab for him, but open the door stand inside it and let him come in. Don't shake boxes or anything... just let him come to you.
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