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Question about allergies and cats

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I'm allergic to cats. About 2 months ago me,my brother and dad moved in my step moms house. She has had a cat for 8 years. For the first couple nights I was in hell. My eyes itched, my throat itched. I was sneezing like crazy. Well we got rid of all of the carpets. Used a hepa vacum, and I have a air filter in my room. For the past month and a half I have had little to no symptoms.

I can pet her just fine as long as I wash my hands afterword. I was taking claritin for the first solid week to feel better. I haven't had to use it after that first week. I think I have built up a slight immuntity to the allergen. Well there are talks about getting another cat. My parents want another one, but they are letting me make the final choice since I'm the one with the allergy.

I love cats and would love to get another one. Do you guys think it would be a good idea? I heard that white females are the best for people with allergies. I was thinking about maybe a female siamese. The cat we have now is black. I'm really enjoying having a cat and not having any allergies. I don't want to have them kick back in with the addition of another cat, but I really want a siamese. Any advice?
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First off, welcome to TCS!

You've stumbled upon a site full of a wealth of knowledge about cats. Unfortunately, my knowledge bank is a little sparse in the area of allergies.

I have read however that many people can take allergy medications, keep their house VERY clean of hair and dander, and bathe their cat once a month (no more than that as it dries out their coats and skin) and live happy allergy free lives wit htheir furry feline friends.

Someone who knows much more about the subject should be along shortly. Good luck!
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That is great you found a way to have a cat! Another one might work you never know. My dad was highly allergic when I was younger, he could hardly visit people with cats. We heard that Persians/Himalayans are lower allergen producers and so we bought one from a breeder and my dad had absolutely no reaction to her! So I recommend trying a Persian.

I don't see how color could make any difference on how much of the protein which causes allergic reaction in the dander is present. But you never know. People also think that a long haired cat would be horrible for allergies, but it is not the fur you are allergic to.
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I have 5 cats in my house and am very allergic to them.I just take Flonase and Claritan for my alleriges.If they get bad, then I get out the Benedryl also.
I vaccuum every day and wash my hands after petting the kits.I change clothes also.
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Once again, WELCOME!!!!! I am also alergic to cats (suposively) but I live with 2 right now and I want more. I definately built up an immunity to the alergen. I would suggest that you spend some time around other cats at shelters or wherever that you might consider getting and see if you experience any of your symptoms. If not, I would say you shouldn't have a problem with another cat.
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My suggestion would be to visit breeders...some say the most hypo allegenic cats are the Bengals, Siberians and Sphynxes - check with some pedigree rescues, I'm sure they'll help!
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Yes that is the best ting to do
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I am supposed to be allergic to cats, dogs, everything. But when I was a kid we kept it controlled. We just had a dog, and it was cats that got me all choked up.

Now I have cats, and some times I would react, but now I am immune to them. I still try to keep them out of my room, but they always find their way in.

Now, when I go to my parent's and see the dog I get all choked up. Maybe this is just in my case, but maybe you will become immune to the cats after time.

Just keep the cats out of the room where you sleep, and like others have said, vacuum regularly.
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