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I Am An Aunt!

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My little sister Melissa had her baby today! He is 8lbs, 20in and named Joshua Ray! I was calling him J-Ray but she didn't like that too much haha. He is a beautiful little guy. She just send me a camera phone picture so he looked kinda like a little alien with the little hat on and the hands curled up by his face. So cute! I wish she lived here and not in Arizona. I will hardly see the kid.

But yay! I am an aunt!
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Congrats! I would be so excited! I am still waiting for my sister to actually get PG! I want a niece or nephew BEFORE I get married, thank you
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Congrats!!!!! I like the nickname J-Ray. He's pretty short for being that weight! I was 21 1/2 in. and only 6 lbs 15 oz. He must be a little chunk.
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Well her husband is quite a big chunk (I mean that in the nicest way possible!) My boyfriend and I joked a few times that her baby is going to be a chubby red head with a beard and beer belly like his daddy hehe. But ya he is a big baby.
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Congratulations! I became an aunt for the first time 19 years ago and for the 8th time 2 decembers ago...Isn't it a wonderful feeling? You have to decide if you're going to be the nice aunt or the nasty one...I'm the aunt that the kids run to when they want something and know they have to earn it but I'm also the one they come running to if problems abound!
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Awww Congrands to you for becoming an aunt and Comgrands to your Sister on her New Baby
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Woooooooooooweeeeee!!! That is GREAT news!!

Congratulations!! I LOVE being an aunt...I couldn't love my nieces more
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My aunt is closer to me than my own sister so I consider her children my neice and nephew!

One day when my sister actually finds herself (and manages to keep for longer than a week) a boyfriend, I'll be pestering her for a little neice or nephew but until then I suppose the lovely purple elephant in the sky has more chance of giving me what I want!

Besides, it'll be me giving the first grandchild and neice or nephew anyway!
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Congrats Jen!! sounds like a adorable little chubba-wubba
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ill never be an aunt unless my future husband has siblings.
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Oh my gosh thats so awesome for them!!!!!!!!! Congratulations, to all of you!!!
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Congrats! Is this your first time being an aunt?
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That is so exciting! i became an Aunt on September 12th and let me tell you I love that baby so much! I hope you get to meet him very soon! Its such a great thing!
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Congrats. on becoming an aunt. I didn't become aunt until my younger sister had childred. So I was around 30.
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Originally Posted by Jen View Post
But yay! I am an aunt!
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!!!!!!!!!....
this deserves a dance!....
Many happy returns my friend!!!
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Originally Posted by Felicia's Mom View Post
Congrats. on becoming an aunt. I didn't become aunt until my younger sister had childred. So I was around 30.
Actually she is my younger sister! She just turned 22.
Thanks everyone!!

Here is a cute picture of her husband Derek and baby Joshua!
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