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Liscences plates

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I think I told you all that I had to get a new one well I did the other day and I got the spay and neuter one. It has a cat and a dog own it and says to please spay and neuter and has little paw prints on it. And the proceeds go to the humanes society. I am glad that I finally got one.
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What a great idea..I wonder if we have those here in Ontario..
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it sounds very cute!
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That's so cool!

I want to get the Pet Friendly plates for Illinois. Some kid drew the pictures on it, so it's awfully cute and everything goes to an S/N fund
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I don't think I have seen those! Love the idea though
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That's a great Idea to do something like that

Every little bit of advertising will help to spread the message
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awesome! I think my parents should get this for their car since I don't drive yet.
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