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Wet Kitten Food?

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I've got a lot of comments on both parties about Wet Cat Food? I was giving the siamese cats wet kitty food until i wen't to Chicken Soup For The Kitten Lovers Soul. Which is a good quailty kitten found so people say but i'm sure there's something better . I'm thinking about getting a Bengal or 2 so i think i should upgrade on my kitty food. Should i start back of wet and dry, what do you guys feed your fur-kids? I'm also going to beg Troy to make me a kitty inclosure for the coming bengals . Wish me luck.. hehe, anyways any suggestions or what to look for in cat food? Thanks
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CHicken soup for the price at a feed store is likely the best bang for your buck ...

I can list other quality wets ...
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List anything you got lol. Sites, anything :p. I'm listening.
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Well I am slightly dumb in the link arena but here is the basic wet list

Natural balence
Solid gold
Natures prairie
Pro pac
Cal natural
Eagle pack
Sensible choice
Meow mix
Chicken soup
Iams( a few of the refomulateds)
Ziwi peak( ohh my the girls went wild)
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We feed Merrick's wet twice per day with about 1/3 cup of dry for snacking on during the day.
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I heard from researching Merrick on here people find plastic and such in Merrick food? So i was going to stay away from that?
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I have used merrick for quite a while and can only say about 7 months ago they started monkeying with the formulas as the girls started changeing what they would eat .... But on the same note I have found three other food companies that changed formulas in dry foods without any notification
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I don't want to find any unknown objects so i'll be trying a few brands and see what they like best.
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I've been having pretty good results with Merrick food. I did find something a couple months back but I sent them several e-mails and haven't found anything since. Our babies won't eat anything else so I just make sure I look through the food before I put it down for them.

Your kitties are stunning! I'm in love (and so are Bijou and Mika).
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Yeah my 2 are not picky but they love chicken flavors .

Thank You. Can't you just see the devil in Smore's eyes lol.
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Chicken Soup isnt the best around and even though the ingredients are good I wouldnt feed it because of the recall Diamond had where hundreds of dogs died in consequense(sp?) of a bad batch of food.

Felidae, Eagle Pack and Innova are some of the best foods (IMO) around. Natural Balance would also be a great choice and it comes in wet and dry
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I think regular Innova might be ok, but i would not being going to Innova EVO.
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I've been feeding Gizmo chicken soup dry for a couple months now and he's been doing great on it. As far as wet food goes I switch between Califonia natural and and nutro.
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I hear a lot of good things about CN and Nutro .
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I like Chicken Soup and so do my kittens. I also like Felidae and Innova- especially in those big 13 oz cans. They're as cheap per serving as Chicken Soup that way. Nutro is good but it's a little too paste-like for Eve to really get into.

And I tried Meow Mix pouches on the recommendations here- they're the ultimate bribe food!
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lol, I should do more researching on differnt foods i just needed to know some premuims you guys fed .
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