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Today while at JCPenney's, I asked the sales woman if they were hiring. They were. I've done retail and it wouldnt bother me to do this while looking for a job that I do want. So, I went to their kiosk and filled out the info. They asked you questions (48 total) like "what is important to you?" with only 4 options to choose from. I answered them honestly and truthfully. It ended up saying I wasnt qualified! I dont get those kiosks. I mean, how in the world do you get an actual interview if you dont answer those questions? There are a lot of people in retail who arent the friendliest, ya know!
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I don't understand what it takes to work in retail either. I applied at like 10 places and got one call back. The only one? Office Depot since I had worked in an office and knew about supplies. Yet I go into these other stores where they have teens working - nothing against teens, they have to earn a living too, but what kind of experience can they have? No more than what I have, but they get hired. Hubby has years of retail experience, but he couldn't get a job either. Then again, that was right after 9/11, so I'm sure that played a part, too.
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I know companies have to screen applicants, but some of the lengths the go to are just ridiculous. I applied to work at a convenience store once, and one of the questions was "Do any of your family members have a gambling problem?" They asked this same question, worded differently, 4 times. 2 different large retail companies have psychological profiles in their application process. I am sure there are more, but I actually applied to both of these. I cannot believe the lengths they go to for a barely over minimum wage job with no benefits.
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