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siameze cat for adoption

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i just baught a new house and the previous owners left their cat behind and moved across the state, with no intention of picking up their phone or returning my calls,i have to hope this cat will go to a good home, i know nothing about its vaccinations or any problems it may have, looks like its 4-5 years old male pure breed, free to a good home, florida pasco county 34667
email me on hussain2001uk@yahoo.co.uk
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Don't do the "free to good home" thing--people will pick up the poor cat for experiments or re-selling it or breeding it or something like that...

Charge a fee--you get a better class of owner that way, and anyway, they can pay you back for the food you fed the cat and any vet care it needed :P
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That's horrible that someone would just leave their cat behind. Maybe you should post some pics of him. Also, you should check for openings in local no-kill shelters to see if they can take him. Or, if you don't want to take him to a shelter, maybe you can make some poster and post them at grocery stores and shelters. That works really well. I had to find a new home for my ferret once and I put a poster up at the humane society, he was in a good home by the end of the day!

Good luck finding a new home for the kitty. Thanks for taking care of him!
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Wish I lived closer, I love Siamese.
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Indeed. If you can find him a place at a no-kill, I bet he'd get a home within a month--Siamese cats and mixes are well-loved by many people. That Siamese meow gets you every time!
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SIAMESE IN NEED! **Looses it** i can't stand people abandoning such wonderful kitties!
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I love siamese....I wish but I already have a full house at 3 adults and 11 babies.

I hope you find a good home for the sweetie!
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I love Siamese as well but I'm halfway round the world from you. Try your local shelters and vets - vets may be aware of people who are good cat parents and looking for a new addition following the loss of a beloved pet.

Hope you find a home for this kitty soon!
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we can take it
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kittensunlimite, you should probably email Hussain2001uk. She only posted once and, I assume, has not come back to this sight lately. She posted her email as being hussain2001uk@yahoo.co.uk.

You're so sweet for offering to take the siamese. I hope he is still available for you. Good luck.
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