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From Pickles

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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone in this whole site for there help in EVERYTHING!!!! I got a siggy finally, and am so excited. Pickles is worrying me just a tad because her eye is watering, but will keep watching it, maybe its just from our walk outside the other day. Im sure she will be good though. Thank you to everyone again, and I LOVE this site!!!!!
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Wow! Pickles new siggy is gorgeous! About her eye watering- take her into the vet for a quick exam when you get a chance- often upper respiratory infections, conjunctivitious, and other eye infections can start out with a simple runny eye Have your vet rule out those conditions and then ask to have her put on an antibacterial eye ointment (Terramycin -sp?) if she has an eye infection Good luck! (oh, btw, terramycin is not very expensive at all and it works wonders if she should need it!) That and if you had her outside, it may just be allergies Keep us posted! I hope all goes well!
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That is an awesome siggy! TCS is the greatest, isn't it?!?
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Glad you got the siggy thing worked out! Nice job with it.
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That is a beautiful siggy
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Yeah Thats a great siggy,but not as great as Pickles

She is gorgeous

Maybe Pickles got a chill in her eye??I hope it is nothing too serious
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Just wanted to say thank you for the compliments. I love my Pickles. Shes my baby. I cant wait to get some new pictures of her and have more siggys made. Boy they do get addicting. LOL Her eye is doing better today, called the vet though and waiting for a return call just to ask about it. Will keep ya posted. Im a worry wort though when it comes to Pickles. I want her to feel good all the time. When shes meows constantly i could just cry because i wish i could understand what she wants....lol anyways though many thanks goes out from me and pickles again!
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So glad to have you and Pickles here on TCS!!
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Pickles is adorable. My sweet Bella's eye used to water and the vet said it's allergies, it never happened till we moved to KY. Allergies run high here!!
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Well now i just cant decide what siggy to use because they are all so addicting. So, im just going to use these 2 for now. Geesh i dont know what i'll do once i have more than 4 to choose from...LOL
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Just wanted to give an eye update about pickles. I got my call from the vet, i didnt need to take her there...they just gave me some ointment for her eye if it gets worse. i didnt use it yet, im going to wait and see how she does, because now it isnt watering as much. We just got in from a little walk, she had fun...and didnt want to come in. But was getting into trouble, so i had to bring her in. Took some more pictures, now just have to use the film up Take care everyone!!!!
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