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vet assistants

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Ive been looking in the classifieds, and sometimes see animal hospitals/clinics hiring for vet assistants, where they will train! I've always been interested in this field (no lie). What exactly does a vet assistant do?
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When I took one of our cats to the vet this weekend. Our vet said he was looking to hire a second vet. He is willing to pay $60,000 a year but can not get anyone to come work at his office. He said no one wants to travel that far.

Sorry I can not help with your question. I just was shocked when he said this.
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Thought this might be easier, you could bookmark it and read it as you decide if it really is for you.

Vet Assistant
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Is that not good salary for a vet?
I did a search earlier tonight, and most vet assistants make $30,000. Hissy, I checked on the link, and $8.50 (or whatever it is) seems so low!
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No, I know what one is ......
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Ok, then I apologize for thinking you did not and will remove my post.
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Ah,you didnt have to do that........ it didnt offend me at all Now, the vet techs ..... they are the ones who do euthanasia, don't they? I think I will still call though ......
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Let us know what you find out! Good luck!
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Sorry Tigger

I thought it was good. I would have worked for him if I had the education to be a vet!

Maybe I forgot to say it is a small office.

Any how sorry.
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I know that Jessica is a vet tech, and so is Sandie. Maybe you could PM them and find out more specifics? From what Jessica has said, she assists with exams, surgery, pretty much everything. I think they are also the ones who take vitals on the animals who are staying there, clean cages, etc. I'm sure you wouldn't be doing any blood draws or injections of any sort for a while when you are in training. You could always give it a try and see if it is something you like.
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Tigger you can learn at home to be a vet assistant.

Here is the link.


Maybe you can find what you are looking for on this site.
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I entered my info to receive the information packet. I also submitted my application to the animal eye clinic in AZ, who is hiring for an assistant. She said they prefer experience, but are willing to train.

On another note: Is anyone familiar with MicroChip? They are in the semiconductor bus. like Mot. My father-in-law knows someone there who is really high up. I saw a job in the admin. section for a credit specialist. The guy said he will look into it. HOpefully, having worked for motorola, they will be able to help me. I know a lot of people who went there to work after they were laid off.
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Tigger I received my info on Saturday. I called and signed up that night! I am so excited about becoming a vet assistant.

It was so funny when you posted because I had been thinking about doing this.
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One vet classified site I looked at showed a salary of $12-$16/hr. for a vet tech. Obviously, the level of training required is quite a bit more substantial.
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I received mine, too the other day!

The place that I faxed my application called & left a message saying that they were looking for someone with experience, and even if they were to hire me, they wouldn't be able to pay me what I asked, which was $10. Oh well.
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