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Fun with Furkids

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Ferris and Ginger have been getting along better and better. Ginger isn't depressed and lonely anymore, and here's one of the reasons why: Ferris can be fun to play with!

Fun with a plastic sheet:

Playing with a wand toy:

Ferris learning how to balance (this was in September when his rear legs were still weak) :

Look how far apart he puts those big old rabbit feet of his!

Whoops! Lost his balance - there he goes!

This is the best: Action Shot!

And finally, Ginger's had enough of watching the little guy have fun. Time for her to play, too!
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Ferris is such a cutie! What a big, strong predator he is!
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I love the action shot!!!
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In the last picture, because of foreshadowing, he looks nearly as big as Ginger is! This was taken a month ago - he's nearly the same size as she is now, at 5 months old, and I'm guessing he grows bigger than she is now in two months or less!
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wow, he is a big kitty! that's how my Bear sits when he is going after his flying mouse toy.
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ferris is sooooo cute!!!!!
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Ferris and Ginger are 2 adorable babes. Ferris is going to be a big fluffy butt ....
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They look so cute together. I'm sure Ferris will grow to become a big lovebug.
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He does have big feet! That's what we call Louie's feet "rabbit feet" cause his are HUGE, and they are that silvery speckled with black like a wild rabbits feet. And after I named him Louie, I thought "maybe I shoulda named him rabbit, cause he is the colors of a rabbit, and well Lucky & Rabbit kinda goes together..."
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great photo shoot

just love your kitty -crew, they are such cuties
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