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Cat with Bladder problems - hyperthyroid?

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I'm desperately seeking some advice and insight on a recent problem that has developed with my 10 year old neutered cat, Punkin.

Two weeks ago, I noticed he was having problems urinating. He was going frequently but only passing small amounts at a time, if any. At first he was trying to go in the litter box and as the day passed, he would go all around the house, or wherever he was standing or laying at the time. When I woke up the next morning, his butt was soaked with urine and I took him to the vet as soon as they opened. (I just moved to a new state so I chose the closest vet who is only 1/2 mile away)

He said since he was passing urine it was not a blockage. I asked about a UTI and he told me they were very uncommon (although from everything I've read, this is not true). He did an ultrasound which showed his bladder was thickened. His urinalysis looked good and didn't show any blood or crystals, but his thyroid levels were a little high (6.0). His diagnosis was thyroid disease which is causing cystitis. He said it was not an emergency situation and told me what my options were for treating hyperthyroidism. (He also mentioned they normally treat cats for hyperthyroid when their levels are up around 13.0) I asked if there was any kind of antibiotic or steroid we could give him for the bladder problems, and he told me they would clear on their own within 10 days.

I was not happy with this vet so I asked him to fax me the records (which I am still waiting for) and intend to take him for a 2nd opinion. His problems urinating did subside within the next 2 days and he was good for a week, but yesterday it started happening again. This time he appeared to experience more discomfort than he did when this first occurred. Today he seems a little better. His food and water intake have been normal except on the days he feels bad. The color of his urine appears to be a little amber-ish. Also, this could be totally unrelated but for the past 6 months or so, when I rub his lower belly he starts licking and biting himself uncontrollably. Not like he's in pain, but just extra sensitive in that area.

Does anyone have any advice on this? Would hyperthyroidism cause these bladder problems? And if it is cystitis, there's really no medications that can help it? I'm also worried about an underlying kidney problem, but wouldn't the blood tests have showed something to confirm that? I am just so confused and feel very helpless right now. I just want my baby to feel better! A friend recommended a vet who is exclusively dedicated to cats, so I intend to take him there for a 2nd opinion.
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I definitely think he should be taken to the new vet for a 2nd opinion as soon as you can get him in Also, you mentioned his uring had a bit of an amber tint to it- make sure that the new vet rules out blood in his urine
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I can't help but I do agree with going for a 2nd opinion...it sounds like it's needed!

Check your pm, I've sent you one!
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I would defintely go for a second opinion. If it were cystitis it can be treated to an extent (my cat with this was treated by change of diet to wet food only and the addition of glucosamine - a dose the vet recommended - to the food daily).

I have had too many hyperthyroid kitties no one has ever mentioned that it could also cause a cystitis. I've had my cats treated at a lower level than 13 (!) (but that may be a difference in the lab used as to what number is considered high). A second more specific test for thyroid function can also be done (thinking T4, but my mind is going blank at the moment).

I would most def. not just watch a cat who has been straining to go (referring to the vet comments). Second opinion, asap.
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I was finally able to get a copy of his blood work and urinalysis from the vet. It shows he has "many" Triple Phosphate Crystals. The vet didn't mention a thing about crystals! And doesn't diet play a big part in getting rid of them? Does he need prescription food? If not, what kind of food is best for getting rid of crystals? I ordered a case of Wellness moist for him the other day. I'm upset that the vet wouldn't mention any of this to me. He only said the cystitis would go away on its own within 2-10 days.

The other things I noticed that he did not mention were his CPK levels were high, Platelets were a little low, Lymphocytes were low and RBC were High ("too numerous to count"). Are these things I should be concernered about? I'm not sure what any of this means.
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I would suggest taking the results and getting a second opnion... RX foods often help in getting issues under control... Only a vet will know if an RX is needed
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Hi, here is a link that talks about triple phosphate crystals, what is normal to see in healthy cat urine and what is a problem: http://www.ctdslab.co.uk/triplephosphate.html

I'll let a tech here address the CPK, but the RBC - *if* as part of the urine test results is referring to the number of red blood cells seen in the urine and goes along with your observation of the color of the urine. If the high rbc count is from the blood work, here is a site http://www.petplace.com/cats/underst...s-2/page1.aspx that tells you what a cbc (complete blood count) shows -re white blood cells (wbc), platelets, red blood cells and more. It does want you to register to read the article without this block of text in the way, but it floats and you can still read (carefully) the article

Here is one of the articles on the net on cats and cystitis (this is by a vet):
http://www.homevet.com/petcare/cystitis.html To me, this is something to be managed and watched, and while I do believe it can resolve with time - my vet said they can outgrow the tendency to relapse (as it did for Lyra) but we still were treating Lyra, not just giving it time to go away.

I do encourage you to get a second opinion - even if you love your vet, they should accept if you want a second or specialist opinion.
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Pat & Alix - Thank you so much, that was very helpful and informative. Yes, the high RBC count was a part of the Urinalysis, which I didn't realize until you said something. Thanks again!
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