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This is my parents' cat, Simba. He's about 2.

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OMG I love Simba's eyes....... beautiful cat!
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
OMG I love Simba's eyes....... beautiful cat!
YES the eyes just stand out I love cats eyes they are all beautiful .
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What a Sweet face!!!
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she's a beautiful cat i love her stripes
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oh a marmalade puddy cat what a beauty
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Those eyes are amazing!!! Love those orange boys
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yeah on the eyes....a perfect match to a beautiful coat! What a handsome little devil !
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OMG! he's a doll!
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What a beautiful baby...I have a soft spot of orange kittys ...two of our...the sisters, Gracie and Lizzie are orange
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Ooh thanks everyone! I agree he is handsome. Most of the time my parents want to give him to me...he is usually not very friendly. The other week I was holding him and out of nowhere he bit my throat. I still love him though! I told them that he is probably bored and needs a friend. Another cat would also probably help him lose weight. You can't tell from these pictures but he is getting pretty heavy.
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Handsome doesn't describe this little guy........wowowowowoweee!
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Here's another picture of Simba I just found.
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What a little cutie pie he is, sitting there with all the stuffed animals.
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