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Putting Clocks Back

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I know we´ve had a thread about this


how is the 1 hr affecting your kitty-crew

all my bunch wanted their teas 1 hr earlier - clever little things
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Yup, my foster kittens woke me up an hour earlier this morning since the time had changed. Hehe, they don't quite get the time change yet. Fosters didn't care though
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I didn't notice a change in Trout..other than she was extra meowy today
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I don't think the boys realize it yet! I was up at the usual time, which today was one hour earlier than normal, so they got their brekkie on time! Just wait till tomorrow when I leave for work "an hour late". We'll see if I get up early then!
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Mine were annoying at 9 this am. They all seem to think they are STARVING and that mom has to get up right away and feed them or they will just waste away!
But it's why I love them so much! I'd much rather have a purring kitty in my ear then the alarm clock beeping over and over. It wakes me up when I have a kitty's whiskers in my ear and in my face!
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Nope Howler is still laying around lazy like always and Kera is just always active and i forgot to change my clocks tooo,
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I set Jamie's feeder to open at 5 a.m. DST, so there weren't any complaints this morning. My plan is to add 10 minutes every day this week, so he should have adjusted by the end of the week. He's being a bit lazy in the morning anyway. We got a water bed a few days ago, and he's finding it as difficult as we are to get up in the morning.
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