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New cat with infection and amox

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Hello, Im new to this board. We rescused a 12 wk old kitten from a place with 20 cats and horrible living conditions. He went to the vet for test and his shots becasue he was in a fight and his tail was all messed up and he has an infection. The vet put him on antibiotics and he has horrible loose stool. Is there anything that I could give him to help make his stool more firm. (hes longhair and we did trim his behind, but we still have to clean him after every time). TIA!
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What are you feeding him? Also did you get him checked for worms or Feline Luekemia and ringworm (just because there were so many cats).
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Did he have the loose stool before going on the antibiotic? Sometimes they can give cats (and people) the runs. If you didn't have a stool sample checked, take one in to be tested. I'd definitely voice your concerns to your vet. Even if you rule out worms and/or parasites, the doctor may be able to dispense a medication to help firm up the stool, such as Endosorb, or prescribe a different antibiotic.
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Hes on Sience diet that they vet gave us. His stool was firm before he was on the meds, Hes had all his wormings and was neg for Feline Lukemia and ringworm. Im going to go to the pet store today and get some higher fiber better quality food, I was hoping that would help his loose stool. He hates the thought that I have to wipe him after hes done going to the bathroom. Hes on amox 5 ml 2 times a day. I was thinking about taking him down to 1 day, but I have to wait till tomorrow to talk to the vet.
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Do not reduce his antibiotics. I doubt the vet would allow that either. Reducing the dose means there's an increased chance of the bacteria becoming resistant to that antibiotic. Switching may help, as would the addition of a probiotic (Benebac). My kittens had mild diarrhea and some loss of appetite and possible lethargy (may have been from the illness, not the antibiotics) from amoxicillan until I started adding Benebac once a day to their wet food and feeding it an hour after their medication. Making sure the cat has eaten before giving the antibiotic can help too.

Lily is now on amoxicillan again but I talked to the vet and started using Benebac immediately instead of waiting to see problems. She is now having ever-so-slightly squishy poop but no lethargy or loss of appetite.

I'd recommend talking to the vet before adding a probiotic, especially since his reaction seems pretty severe.

Was his food changed at the same time as the antibiotic was started? Because that's an awful lot of stress on his gut. That could be partially to blame too.
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Well Zen has solid stool finally. I guess it was the stress of going and getting all his tests, shots and antibotics and a change in food. But hes doing great now.
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