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Aww I am so sorry I hope Reilly will be ok and they dont put her to sleep. I will keep you and Reilly in my prayers and hope everything goes ok. Reilly is such a Darlining just like her meowmy. Sending you some good vibes too. ))good vibes(( I know you must be at a loss on what to do, We all are here for you on TCS and we all will pull together and hope things work out for you and your family. Please keep us updated when you can i know you have alot on your mind so we will wait to hear from you again and hope for the best for you all. My heart goes out to you and your family.
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I'm hoping you were able to get some and that Reilly has calmed down.I'm also praying that it is something as simple as giving her meds to treat her.I know how much this is tearing at your heart,and how much you want to fix it.PLEASE keep us updated about her and YOU TOO!!
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I'm sorry to hear what has been going on, I've not really been keeping a close eye on this thread!

I hope both of your babies are going to be ok and I'm sending massive vibes for both!

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((VIBES))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) ))))
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You are in my thoughts and prayers right now. I'm so sorry this is happening to you.
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Just some advice, so listen up!!!!!!!

If you analize all the facts (like whenyour in the car) in your mid, try to put the pieces together.

When we had that bi problem with Willie's neutering, this is what me and my mom figured out....
Willie didn't have any signs of iodine or shave at the cut
Willie also only had the first, under layer of stitches.
Willie came out with neurological problems.
Now lets put this all together....They were obviouslyin a hurry, thats why they didn't prep the wound, and thats why they didn't give him enough stutches on his wound (which later opened up! and almost killed him), SO he was obviously under too long, and that probably killed his braincells, giving him neurological problems!!!!

Try something like that with all of your facts, and your bound to come up with something that you hadn't realized before, or event hat you had realized,but mentally put aside that may have been a good poiece of info.

I wish you and Rielly sooooo much good luck right now!!!
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I haven't had a chance to read all the posts but had to comment on the one about the Vet wanting Daisy. We had one litter of kittens with 5 boys and one girl. Well, that one girl had all her brothers well cowed! She could beat the tar out of all of them even though she was also the smallest.

Okay, I have caught up. I hope things work out well in the end but if not, remember that Reilly had a great home with you.

I'm still sending you {{{{{{good news vibes}}}}} to you and your family, though.
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just checking in - OMG - we dont have this sort of reporting here with cats - with dogs they do, but the Spansih are still way behind. I cant believe it that a vet would say that before test etc ! ! ! I just dont get it.

Heres sending lots & lots of positive {{{{{vibes }}}}} that all works out for you
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I'm sending you good vibes and prayers that everything turns out okay with Reilly. I think the kittens would be old enough by now to be okay without her. After all, lots of our members here take in orphaned kittens and raise them completely from bottle-feeding and they turn out just fine. So if worst comes to worst, I don't think you'll have a problem. But I certainly hope that things don't come to that and they find out what's wrong with her.
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You and reilly are in my toughts - I was bitten very badly by stevie a couple of weeks ago and he recently came down with a fever - and it was all due to hormones. When he comes back from the vets, he'll have to be secluded too with a couple of neuter friends...

I hope that by getting her properly spayed she'll feel better!

Positive energy coming your way, have faith!
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I'm thinking of you and your family at this tough time - my hopes and prayers are that this can be taken care of with the best possible outcome for all concerned. Hang in there!!
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I hope Reilly is doing better today.
Last year when we had Bobber spayed (she was 6) the vet found several tunours the size of grapes on her ovaries. That is probably why she didn't get pregnant. After surgery her temperament changed for the next 6-8 weeks-a real clingly girl compared to her normal aloof self. That did change back up perhaps if the vet holds out until the spay they could find something similar??
Good luck to you.
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Just wanted to check back and see how you and your family were doing I hope everything is ok We are all here for you
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Any updates?
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We're all thinking of you!
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are there any updates? I am thinking of you and Reilly!
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Dixie, I am just heart broken for you. I can't help but wonder what happened that you all didn't see before she attacked Jake?! Did she get spooked, did he get too close to the babies, did he do something she mistook as agressive? Then when you seperated them, she was in attack/defense mode and the kittens were the only thing around? The other thing I think, is pregnancy will change a person, an animal, anyone. And maybe somehow, she thinks the kittens should be weaned already? I don't know. I just know this doesn't really sound like her? And the whole instance with the vets office, well...that is just so traumatizing for her. How is she supposed to act there? LuckyGirl cried for an hour in the car till she finally realized, umm we're not going to the vet?! Then she calmed down. In the vets office, all she knows is that she's away from her babies, she's at Dr. Evils office, and people keep poking her, and stuff like that. She doesn't understand why....and she has a fight or flight kinda attitude. I am praying that you can get her back home with you. And keep her quarentined away from the kids/the kittens/and Jake. Then supervised in small doses let her be with the kittens....and feel her out. Try to keep it calm (with 2 boys good luck). So she doesn't feel threatened. And see how that goes. Maybe you can do that for a few weeks till the babies are old enough. I would keep Jake away for awhile. But I really feel that it was probably just this one big terrified experience for her. I mean, Luck has never bit or even hissed but once (and she learned that from Louie), but if I open the front door and pick her up, she is clawing me up desperately trying to get back inside...if I didn't have soft claws on her I'd look like we went 3 rounds in the ring. So, I'm hoping for the bright side, and the best. We love Reilly.... and we would be very upset if anything happened to her. We are praying for her, and for you, keep us posted.
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so sorry to hear about Reilly's problems... just now catching up, as i usually don't go online on weekends.
you're having such a tough time now... what a horrendous development! i'm hoping & praying they discover the problem & that it's treatable, so you can have your Reilly back.
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Poor Dixie Darling! You and Reilly and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Poor Jake I am glad he is like Macy our boxer cause most dogs would have attacked back. And that would not have been a good thing seeing as it was bad enough to begin with. I hope Reilly's problems can be resolved and I am glad your vet is trying to save her. I am so sorry I am sending you hugs.
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Thanks everyone. Sorry I haven't responded til now. I talked to the vet this morning. They said it's not neurological but he thinks it's an allergy He did some testing and we'll get the results later this afternoon. Until then Reilly is still at the vets. AC called and said they aren't going to issue a quarantine because she is in the care of the vets and was when she bit the tech. That's a job hazard is what they told them. They want to get the results from the allergy testing before they let her go home... if she can go home.
They also said she's calmed down a little this morning. Still hissing and spitting but not as much... so that's good news... Just keep praying for her please?
The kittens seem to be ok w/o her. The vet said that IF we do have to rehome her they should be fine with being weaned early. Just to keep giving KMR in the wet food.
Jake is doing good. He's not happy about having to take his meds and drops in his eye... but who would be?
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Originally Posted by DixieDarlin256 View Post
Just keep praying for her please?
Of course we will, for all of you.
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of course I will be keep praying for her and all of you.
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OMg...I'm so glad to hear that! An allergy can cause her to react like that?
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This may be "way out there", but perhaps she has some form of post-natal depression or schizophrenia caused by hormonal changes? I've never heard of it in cats, but why not, if it happens in humans? A friend of my sister's has a dog (Border Collie) who freaked out when her puppies were about 5 weeks old, and literally destroyed the furniture. She was put on some sort of medication for a few weeks, and then spayed, and she returned to normal, other than a few false pregnancies.
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Oh I do hope it is the allergy Here are some good Vibes for you and Reilly )))Good Vibes(((((
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I'm at school right now so this will be quick, but they won't put her down because of an allergy, right? I'm praying for you all!
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crossing my fingers that it's an allergy, cos at least that sounds treatable! although I've never heard of an allergy causing aggression...that's really strange :/ Good vibes still coming your way <3
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I'm very late to this thread. What an ordeal! I hope the vet finds Reilly's problem and it's something treatable. Meanwhile -- glad Jake is OK.
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<<<Lots of good vibes from us to for a happy ending>>> I can't magine an alergy causing that type of reaction but that's great if it is because alergies are treatable. Hang in there. We're all pulling for your family.
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Any more updates?
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