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Dear Spike

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Dear Spike,
I just hope this message reaches you
I still think about you
And wonder about your day
Im sorry things ended up this way
You were to young to be taken
I was sure someone had been mistaken
It couldn’t have been you
but there you were and I knew
my heart stopped and tears began welling
for I knew there would be no telling
when I would again see you adoring face
I knew you could never be replaced
In my heart you will keep
go ahead now its alright go ahead and sleep
Mommy will hold you tight
while you find your way to the light
You take one last breath and were gone
that night we placed you in the back lawn
I couldn’t sleep I missed you so
I thought how I would not get to see you grow
I shouldn’t of left you there for the night
now you have been taken its just not right
I do hope you are alright
I missed your little blue eyes looking at me
you were always so care free
I miss the sweetness in your eyes
Oh how it is so hard to say Goodbye
I will love you and keep you in my heart
for the time we must be apart
Until we meet again
in my heart and on my mind you will remain.
Some friends also told me about a place called Rainbow Bridge I do hope you have made it there safely. It sounds like a wonderful place. I hope there are other kitty’s there that you can play with while you wait. I know you need some one to cuddle will before you fall asleep.
So if you find someone there at rainbow bridge that will take you and love you as much as I do please tell them to remember to give you your little blankie mommy tucked in tight with you.
I need to go now my dear spike but mommy loves you and misses you too.

2001 rest in peace

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What a loving tribute to sweet Spike. Gone, but not forgotten. Belated condolences on the loss of Spike. I'm sure he is cuddling safe and warm, over the bridge.
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RIP little Spike - you are certainly loved in this world and over the Bridge

Lovinmom828 your beautiful words will fly high to Spike and he will hear those special thoughts and know that he was much loved
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A beautiful tribute. Rest in peace and play Spike.
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Very very beautiful..............
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Sorry heatbuts and sad, sad licks from KittenKiya's Clan RIP Spike
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Know that little Spike is playing happily over at Rainbow Bridge, and one day when the time is right you will see those little blue eyes again, because they'll see you before you see Spike

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That's really beautiful. Rest in peace Spike.
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Rest in Peace baby Spike. Your mommy loves and misses you very much.

What a beautiful tribute!
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RIP Spike
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How very touching.
What a beautiful tribute to spike.
Thank you for putting your heart into words for us to share in your loss.
RIP Spike.
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Rest in peace, dear kitty. Oh how you are loved and missed. Hugs to you and God bless you in your pain.
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What a beautiful and touching tribute. RIP dear Spike
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Thank you all for the kind words it means alot. Though it has been sometime since we lost our dear spike now a day dont go by that we dont think of him. We still keep his pic up on the entertainment center as a reminder of how he filled our hearts with so much love. I think Time really heals some of the pain but there will always be that small part of you missing with out them. I know he is happy playing over the bridge and I can rest a bit knowing that. Before I can to TCS i had never heard of the Rainbow bridge I think that helped me knowing there is a special place for our kitty's where they will be loved and make other kitty friends while they wait on us. So thanks to all you on TCS who helped in giving me a new look on where spike is in his new journey.
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That was a lovely poem for Spike... RIP little guy...
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