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As of tomorrow night, I will no longer eat junk food!!!!:laughing:

Ah,... if it can only turn out to be this simple.

Just thought I'd share the experience I will be going through tomorrow night.

There is a hypnotist coming to town for weight loss. It is a 3 hour session and apparently after this session, I should be in a "healthy thoughts' way of thinking.

I am really hoping this does help. I am totally obsessed with my weight and no matter how many times people say "You look fine", bless their hearts, I still do not like myself. Problem with me is that I know how to eat right, I know that I need to stay active and I know what needs to be done to lose the weight (I used to be a Weight Loss counciller, for Heaven's sake!) So why I am having such a hard time now is beyond me. I am drawn to eating anything that is unhealthy lately and...whenever I get upset, I am drawn to eating. Period.

Hypnosis is something I have always wanted to try but was afraid. This time, I'm doing it!

It says to bring a pillow and sleeping bag, wonder if I should borrow my sons Barney one. Or will this prevent others from concentrating? :LOL:
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I was hypnotized to quit smoking and it was the best thing I ever did. Been smoke free for 4 years. But, I did not have to take a sleeping bag or pillow, I sit in a chair. However, it was not a group session it was one-on-one. I knew the whole time what was happening and I don't think I cluck when a bell goes off.

You and Barney let us know how it turns out. Good Luck.
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I hope hypnosis will work for you!
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I hope it works!!! Let us know how it goes!! Good luck!
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Good luck Gys! I love hypnosis, but if I miss a few sessions or don't do my homework I start snacking again! Let me know how it works!
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Thanks Guys!

I have such a compassionate boss also......He knows I am going and has offered $300.00 to anyone willing to videotape me and my pillow & Barney Bag!!! :LOL: (I haven't told him that I brought along just a regular sleeping bag!)

Ady, I am a little skeptical with the "One session only" part too but I am willing to try it. Apparetnly we have a full year of support and maintenance after. Just don't know to what that means other than phone calls because he is from out of town.

Missy, all the success stories I have heard around here are also for smoking. One guy walked out of the session and hasn't smoked a cigarette since.
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I am dying to hear how this turns out! Keep us posted.
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Well, I am back.

I am not 100% sure how it went. :LOL:

To be honest, I don't believe I went into a deep sleep. Not even sure if I was supposed to. I seemed to more or less drift off into a state of complete relaxation. I can almost remember everything the hypnotist said but there are parts where I think I ended up not really listening to him anymore. I kind of ended up in my own little world. I was curled up into a little ball (he had said to lay down and get as comfortable as we wanted). At one point, I did feel that "falling off the bed" feeling and then I realised I was on the floor and couldn't possibly fall any further!!!! That was funny.

For the weight loss part. He mentioned that tomorrow morning, we would wake up feeling different. I guess I'll know by the cravings I have or don't have!

I also have a CD I have to listen to every night until I lose all the weight I want. One night is for weight loss and the other is for "issues" in our lives and how to deal with them. (we all know that we turn to food for comfort, he want us to find out what is causing us to turn to food and to deal with that differently).

All in all, I am really not sorry I went. I guess now it's one of those "time will tell".

Would I go back? You bet. I really enjoyed it.

I guess I'll have to update you in a few weeks/months to let you know if it works or not.

Thanks for asking!!!!
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I am glad that you enjoyed it. For the 1st time you go under you don't go that deep. Each time after gets deeper and deeper, at least that is what I have noticed with my hypnosis. I am glad he gave you support materials to help you thru! Good luck!
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