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Daily Thread, Wednesday April 11th

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Hi all. I miss this place, but will return in force once I get my new moniter in a few weeks, perhaps a month at most. Or maybe my PC guru friend can fix this one. He's gonna look at it soon.

I spoke w/ Denice today and she was estatic. An ex-cop turned PI who specializes in prosecution of animal abuse cases has taken hers on and retrieved subpeonad records that the SPCA was withholding. Between him and the media exposure, the pressure is seriously on the city in this case. Yahoo! Denice wanted me to extend a hello and thank you to Donna and Catarina for all of your help.

I just got home from work and the boys are going thru their nightly ritual of hauling arse thru the apt. at 200mph. Obviously, Tiger's feeling much better, even though he's still got bald arms. But, its growing back.

I have decided to make 1 last, final plunge at making a 35mm short film and seeing if I can get it entered into the 2003 Academy Awards. Since time is seriously catching up to me, I figure I better make one final push for my dream otherwise it's over. I'll need to find an investor and raise $30,000 for a 20 minute short (and thats cheap). To quote a favorite song of mine "...the sun is the same in a relative way, but your older". LOL.

OK, the moniters starting to flip out, so I have to run. Everyone take care and I'll see'ya soon.

>^..^< MEOWMAN ASKS "HAVE YOU RUBBED A KITTY EAR TODAY?" (I just love the way their ears feel and they seem to like them rubbed too)
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Hello everyone!!

Meowman, what's the feature to be about?

Have a wonderful day everyone!
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First, everyone go to the Melanie post in the SOS section please and click on the link and sign the petition.

Anne, the story is part fiction and part truth. The complete story will be a feature length film, but I am interested in doing a short version. ALL of the past (circa 1981-82) storyline is true, whereas the present day storyline is mostly fiction. Here's a brief synopsis:

During the early 80's Rocco, a very talented guitar player who has played w/ such notable names as Lynard Skynard, Joe Cocker, is paying back his new girlfriends cocaine debt to a mafia related power by dealing drugs for him. One of the men Rocco has hired as collection muscle for the mafia men ends up murdering another associate of theirs in a beach hotel room w/ Rocco only learning of it because the "boss" and the murderer have him transport them to the airport the morning of the murder to flee. He is told to keep his mouth shut or he and his (new) family will be killed. After a long investigation, Rocco is arrested for the murder and his wife (the girlfriend earlier) gives birth to their daughter Aaron while he is in jail. Eventually, the charges are dropped because the DA can't prosecute him (concrete and truthful alibi) and won't pursue 2nd degree charges if he testifies against them, which he does. All 3 of the principals involved in the actual murder are sent to prison for life (where they remain to this day).

Now, jump to the present day. Rocco and his now 19 yr old daughter (VERY talented by the way) have their own band and sing in clubs and the like (he's a bail retrieval agent by day-bounty hunter). They are trying to get a break. (This is the only true part of the present day storyline). The murder is released from prison due to a fault in his prosecution by the DA. Now, he seeks revenge against Rocco for having spent the last 20 yrs in prison. He plans on killing Rocco and his family and succeeds at murdering Rocco's (ex)wife, Aarons mother. As Rocco and Aaron are about to board a plane for NY about possibly signing a record deal, the protagonist attacks them in the airport, to exact his revenge. And, Rocco does what he feels he should have done 20 yrs ago. Stopped him cold.

Thats essentially the story, but there is so much more and sub=plots involving aarons boyfriend and his paralelling life of the younger Rocco, etc., that I won't write here, mainly because the moniters flipping out again.

This reminds me: THREELEGGEDCAT, email me again please. I lost your email address and I have something I'd like to discuss w/ you.
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Chuck, good luck on finding someone to back your project. Hopefully someone picks up on your talent.
Today was not bad for me. I decided to call in sick and take the day to clean. It was WONDERFUL, I got to be in my house by myself. I was cleaning, but it was still a good day. I cant wait for this week to be over!! I want to get to the good stuff...the weekend. It was beautiful this morning and now its getting cold again. LOL I am sending hubby out to BBQ some hot dogs. I quit for today.
Hope everyone got through hump day okay!!

Okay..I forgot to add a quick story. I cant beleive what happened yesterday.
We do the stamps.com thing through the house. So we can print our own postage and send boxes without going to the post office all the time. So yesterday, I put out my 2 easter boxes going home and the mailman came to the door and told my husband he wasnt going to take them. So it upset hubby a little. They guy said it wouldnt fit into his bag and he didnt have to take it. They wighed about 1 lb each. Like he couldnt pick them up on his way back to the truck. So then they get into this big postal rule conversation. It comes up that they do not have to pick up outgoing mail unless they are delivering something. My husband sais so it is possible I could have outgoing mail sitting there for a month. So this is the good part..the mail man said to him.." you really dont expect us to pick up mail at every house in America do you". Now correct me if I am wrong...but thats THEIR JOB!!! I guess it didnt sound that stupid when it was in his head. Gosh...what are we paying them for????

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Everyone is could, please read my post in the cat s.o.s. section. It's infuriating and appalling and we can only hope that our legal system comes through for us this time.

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I hate people! Now, I'm all upset, mad and damn close to crying and pulling what little hair out I have left. I just don't understand how someone can be so cruel as to not respect life as such!!!!!!
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