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i adopted salem from the vets office not a shelter it was friday the 13 of october lol i thought it was funny. i told the vet that if i had to fill out papers and wait i would but he said no no go ahead and take him home. that bothered me cause then i started thinking about the other animals they had for adoption and if they were that hasty with me then who knows what kind of homes those poor animals went to. i wasnt looking for a black cat though salem kinda found me. and thank god he did i cant imagine a day going by without him he makes me laugh so hard sometimes he is so silly he really brightens my life. i cant really say that i agree or dissagree with the not adopting them during certian times. i wouldnt want anything bad to happen to the but if the shelters are doing their job right then they are doing house checks and background check and calling refrences to find out what the adoptive parents are like before they even think about making a decision on adopting out ANY animal.