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Kitten and Litterbox issues, Part 2

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So, I posted back in August about some new kitten and litterbox issues and I thought I would give an update. We are still having problems, but they have improved.

First off, the little kitten we rescued apparently had roundworms and it took 4 treatments, but I she finally stopped passing them for 2 weeks and then she started passing more, so we got her a tapeworm treatement and she passed alot of them and after nearly a week, I haven't seen her pass anymore.

The Vet said that having tapeworms can make her have intermittant diarrhea and she still does have that. One question I have is, after any kind of de-worming, when should the passing of worms finally stop?

We have added another litterbox (and we don't have room for 2, let alone 4. -- We have 3 cats). One hooded, one not hooded, both large.

Now she is the only cat having litterbox problems, the other two are fine. The litterboxes are sometimes cleaned out 4 or 5 times a day, because I am constantly checking her leavings for worms and consistancy (I have cockatiels...I watch leavings very closely because you can tell so much about their health from them). I've become obsessive about it and will likely require thousands of dollars of therapy to deal with my issues over this (thats kind of a joke...but not entirely).

Sometimes she has diarrhea...sometimes they are loose, but have some form and on occasion, they have a definable form. Most of the time she uses the litterbox. She does use the litterbox multiple times daily.

But then...

Sometimes she goes on the carpet, always near the baseboards, usually in corner or by the foot of my bed or in front of my dresser (which is somewhat secluded by a computer desk). Sometimes she goes in the room where the litterboxes are...but on the floor...or on some paper I lay out around the leavings trashcan.

She also sometimes leaves little spots from where she was sitting...or has gas and leaks a little...and its never #1 (She ALWAYS goes in a litter box), its just #2 issues we seem to be having.

And while everything was fine with 1 litterbox for like 3 weeks...we've now regressed back a little and I'd say she goes on the floor at least 1 or 2 times a day.

We have changed the diets up for all 3 cats. Currently they are eating IAMS and Whiska's wet food. Pretty much anything but Science Diet (and some natural choice competitor brand) and IAMS are all we can feed them, because 1 is incredibly picky and the other throws up pretty much anything else dry food related. Litter hasn't changed (its multi-cat, unscented, clumping, Tidy Cat, yellow container, blue top), 1 litterbox hasn't changed (but all 3 of them are using the new one).

So, I had the question about worms above, my second one is this...what makes this an intermittant behavior issue with her? I mean, all or nothing kinda makes sense to me, but using the floor AND the box doesn't make sense to me.

As a side note, in my first post I mentioned we rescued this little kitten. I had a powerful urge to do so, I couldn't explain why. I have recently found out her 2 brothers and the mother cat have passed on. I was told there was a bug bomb in the house (they weren't in it) and their bedding or food may have been contaminated (though they have 3 other cats which are fine) and died from it.

So, what can I do to help her start using the cat box all the time instead of just most? I have a gut feeling until the diarrhea and spots of it go away she won't consistantly use the catbox...but I'm not sure what else to do in working to resolve that. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
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Ok my first question would be, how often have you changed their food brand? and how have you done the change? Changing diets to often and quickly can cause diaherrea. Next thing would be as much as you dont have room for 2 litter boxes as it is, you may need 3, the other two cats may not mind sharing but this little one may not like "stinking" in the same box with the other cats. I have 13 cats when i was younger (animal rescue, makes you cant say no rofl) and we have 7 boxes, one that stayed in my room with the one cat who would not share with the other 12 cats. She was very picky, she would pee in the box but we always found her stinky's on the floor. Only thing i could think was she "smelled" theirs and wasnt happy, no clue. Its so hard with cats to figure out exactly what is causing the problem. Those are the only suggestion i can think of, i am sure someone more knowledgable will be along to offer more.
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This is the first time we've changed brands from science diet with the kitten. We mixed 1/2 SD with 1/2 IAM's until it was out and then went IAMS all the way. It probably took 3 or 4 days of that. Her diaherrea has been consistant, only its color has changed from very, very light to very, very dark.

She doesn't seem to mind sharing, as she usees both of them. A good example was today. Today, I watched a 10 hour House MD Marathon with my roommate in her room. The kitten played in and out of the room all day. She used the paper in the cats room 1 time...but used both litterboxes multiple times...and when it was all over...I went into my room, she followed me (she follows me everywhere) and within 5 minutes she had gone on my floor (and she hadn't gone on my floor all day).

Unfortunately, we can't keep the other cats out of "her" designated box. We tried that originally (with a tiny box when she was a kitten, which we had to retire because the big cats used it...no matter where we put it..and boy did they make huge messes). In any event, 3 is not possible unless we line them all up together. We live in very cramped quarters.

Thanks for your suggestions. Hopefully someone knows enough about cats and worms to answer my questions regarding that. I agree, this is a tough thing to figure out.
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I've spent 3 hours today...cleaning up spots and trails she's left outside of the kittly litter boxes.

I love this little kitten...and she's the only one of the 3 that seems to like me to any degree, but I am thinking we are going to have to get rid of her at this point. I am out of ideas and at my wits end...I can't spend all day working and then half my night hand cleaning the carpets.

Anyway, thanks to the people who took the time to reply to my threads. Hopefully she will be ok wherever she ends up
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