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General Maintance

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Hello. Im just wondering if most kittens ( 3months), like to be brushed? I got Oscar a brush from walmart and have tried to brush him but each time i do he fights with me.
Also can i trim his hair and nails myself. And how often should i clip his nail?

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Our kitten is around 3 months now and he hates to be brushed, he want's to attack it :P He's fine if you do it and he doesn't see the brush, but as soon as he notices the brush he's in attack mode. I think it just takes some animals longer to get used to it than others.

You can trim his hair yourself, I don't see why not! It's not like hair has feeling or anything, as long as your careful not to cut him. Not too sure about the nails, but pretty sure you can. (well, if people say you can cut a hamsters nails yourself, then why not a cat? could be wrong though).
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It does take some time for cats to like being groomed...give him a treat when he sees the brush and give him one after, he'll be conditioned to accept the brush sooner.

Yes you can clip his nails, but I would suggest you ask your vet to show you how first! You trim his nails as required - some trim on a monthly basis, some every two weeks.

Why would you want to trim his fur? There's no reason to unless he's matted and I wouldn't cut out matted fur if you don't know how! You may just cut his skin if the mats are too close to the skin. Again, I would recommend that you seek advise from your vet/groomer first.

Hope this helps!
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I prefer combs rather then brushes for grooming long or shorthair cats. You should establish a routine when young. Be firm. YOU decide when the grooming is over. Combing a few times a week should be fine for a kitten. Reward good behavior after the combing. Start with no more then a few mins and handle the kitten often. Set up a grooming "table" and teach him to stand still for grooming.

If you've ever been to a cat show, watch how the persian kittens will stand on tables to be groomed - these kittens were taught that from a few weeks old (probably on a daily basis) so that they are cooperative as they get older.

As far as trimming nails - check them every few days and trim as needed. Kittens nails grow quickly and the front needs more attention then the back. I find that kittens might need nail clipping 2-3 times a week - it slows to once a week as they get older.

In the meantime, when you are petting your kitten, handle the feet without nail clipping so they get used to it.
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Thanks everyone. everyone is so willing to help. I LOVE it here
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