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How much (and what kind) of food?

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Well, I'm a relatively new fur-mom (moved in with the bf about 8 months ago, and magically turned into a fur-mom to 2 cats, and that magically turned to 4 about a month later lol) and I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to cat ownership. I've been pretty much just going by what the bf's been saying, but I decided I wanted to immerse myself in catknowledge. So here I am trying to learn lol.

I posted on here a few days ago about my kittens getting sick a lot (vomiting), and they've got an appointment at the vets on Monday to get them checked out. Now, if this is food related (like them over-eating) what would you guys recommend I feed them? Right now they're free fed dry cat food (Whiskas kitten mixed in with Whiskas adult cat food in a ration of 2:1). But it seems like feeding wet food is better than dry? I know Whiskas isn't a very good brand, but we've got 4 cats, and that's what the older 2 (11yr and 8yr old cats) have been eating forever. The kittens are currently 7 months and 1 week old. So I know they should still get kitten food for a few more months. And the oldest cat -persian- (before we got the kittens) was pretty underweight (we couldn't keep the weight on her). Now that we feed kitten food, she's put on some weight, and is just the perfect size now.

So since 3 of the 4 cats need a higher protein/fat (I think?) diet, should they still get fed kitten food? Is a wet/dry mix possible, and is it considerably more expensive to feed wet over dry? Or should I just try and switch completely to wet? Also, does anyone have any suggestions on which are the best brands? I want to make sure these guys are getting fed right, that they're getting all the nutrition they need. So suggestions on which type of food would be greatly appreciated. And they prefer seafood flavored foods to chicken and other meats.

Also, if the kittens are over-eating, and I need to stop free-feeding them, how much food should a kitten and a full grown cat eat daily? I'm sure the vet will help me out a bit, but I want to be a little more knowledgeable before I go in there on Monday. I've been looking on the net a bit, but everybody seems to say something different lol. And for the people that feed their cats only certain times a day, how often do you feed? Once, twice, three times a day? What would be the most ideal way to feed? In the morning, afternoon and evening? Or maybe just in the morning and at night? And how would be go about feeding all 4 cats making sure they only eat their own helping and not help themselves to someone else's? Should they all be fed in seperate rooms?

I've got sooo many questions x) I feel really awful not knowing so much, and living with 4 cats. I want to learn as much as possible, so that I can make them the happiest little furr-babies they can be Thanks in advance to those who answer x)
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Sharky can give you a more in depth answer, but...

Try a higher quality food that is all life stages.
Kitten food is, for the most part, a marketing gimmick.
Yes it is different than a food labeled "adult".
If you have a multicat household though, an all lifestage is the cost effective way to go.

Kittens burn a lot of engery off, if they are active and playful, I doubt they are over eating, but they may be eating too fast.
If the adult cats have always been freefed and are not overweight, I would continue to free feed a quality dry food, and give everyone at least two small meals of age appropriate wet food a day.
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Due to age differences( you have kitten/young adult and seniors)... I would if possible feed to different foods ... I do feed kitten for the first yr thou an all stage will work ... I see your issue being kittens needing higher protein and fat and seniors who eat dry that need less...

Can you feed seprate??? If yes I will try to list those ... If not I will look thru the common all stages and see about a fit ....

I also ask on the one who was a bit skinny when was her last Senior panel done at the vet??
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Thanks for your input Arlyn. My kittens are very active, and run all day long. Hopefully they are just eating too quickly, so I can solve that problem wiithout too much hassle

sharky - I can try to feed seperate, but all 4 cats have the run of the house, so I guess I might have to keep them in seperate rooms to get fed. But I can't imagine it would take them that long to eat, little pigs that they are lol Thank you very much for the welcome So far everyone has been so nice, this is an awesome forum! And as for the old Persian, I'm not sure when the last time she went to the vet. Not since I've been living here (8 months). I'll have to ask the boyfriend. But she is doing much better since she started eating the kitten food.
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Anyone else have any advice?
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Okay what is your budget...

good solid brands that are easily avail and not too pricey

Chicken soup
Solid Gold
Calfornia natural

the first too have kitten , adult and senior

the later two arent ideal for the older cats but just might work
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Well, the budget is pretty wide open, unless its a ridiculous cost. I'll have to check out some stores around here, since I don't remember seeing any of those in my regular 'haunts' lol. But maybe I'm just not looking hard enough I'll see if they like Nutro and Chicken Soup first (if I can find them of course) and hopefully they will. Would it be best to feed an all-wet food diet, or would feeding both be ok as well?
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Wet is best but most give some dry inbetween the wet...
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Thank you so much for all your help I really appreciate it! I've got a couple cans of Nutro to try for my older cats. Took the kittens to the vet today and I actually have to put the kittens on some HYPO-Allergenic stuff for a month or 2 to -hopefully- stop them from vomiting so much. So it'll just be the older 2 getting the good wet stuff lol. The poor kittens are stuck on hypo-nasty stuff for a while (which is indecently expensive I think oh well)
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Is the hypo stuff RX from the vet??
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