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upset bengal!

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Hopefully someone can help me out... I have 2 cats (one is an older male, about 10yrs old and one is a bengal female about 1.5 yrs) they are both indoor cats and they love one another! well, this weekend, my sister fell in love with a kitten at the local shelter and even tho i thought 3 cats might be too many, we adopted the kitten. the kitten is a female tabby about 7 weeks old, very energetic! I figured since my bengal is super energetic and my other cat is getting older and not too fond of running around the house to play with the bengal, the new kitten can play with the bengal. boy was i wrong! we got the new kitten last night and my older cat has been real good with the kitty. the bengal, on the other hand, is not liking our new kitty! the bengal is growling and hissing and really throwing a fit! I never leave the cats unattended with the new kitty. the kitty is really friendly and pretty sociable but now she is scared of the bengal. i dont know what to do! i really want to make this work so if anyone can give me any advice (or even words of hope! <wink wink!>) i would really appreciate it!
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Keep the kitten in a room of her own for now (with her own box, bowls, etc.) and read all the posts you can on introducing cats to each other - it's a process, and can't be fixed overnight, plus your kitten's way too small to be with the older cats until you're absolutely sure they've become real friends after the intro. business.
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How did you introduce them? By just letting the kitten out? If so, you need to confine the kitten to one room with litter pan, food/water. Then SLOWLY introduce them.

Since the older cat is fine with the kitten, you can let them play a little supervised. After your bengal calms down, then switch the cats - the kitten gets to come out; the bengal gets confined to the room where the kitten was. That way they can pick up each other's scent without direct contact.

If your bengal seems ok with things in a day or two, then put the kitten in a carrier and set it in the middle of the room and let the bengal have more direct contact. After that you should be able to let the kitten have SUPERVISED time with everyone.

There still might be a little hissing, but the older cats have to let the baby know who is boss. As long as they are not physically fighting, ignore the hissing. Its natural.

Hopefully, the bengal will accept the new kitten soon.
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thanks for the suggestions! i'll try the room switching thing. i dunno why my bengal is like that. i've had the bengal since she was 6 weeks and she's always been raised and handled with people...so she's always been socialized but she is forever scared of EVERYONE except me. she was raised with my fiancee and younger sister and she will to this day still hiss and run away from them. she is really skiddish and only comes to me and the older cat. hopefully, she will come around to the new kitten cause i think they would be such great playmates!
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