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Just wanted to say thanks everyone

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I came here looking for help to know the best way to introduce a 7 yr old (Fat Head) fixed male into our family of 4 cats (12 yr old female-Darcey, 4 yr old male- Mandarin Orange, 2 yr old male-Black Beard and 2 yr old female- Precious). Our friend has come to stay with us for 6 months or so and was desperate that she bring her cat. He was an outdoor/indoor cat. Ours are all indoor. She took him to the vets and he got a clean bill of health. So then it was just the introduction to the new house and the new family. We also have 2 older kids. We brought him into the house and promptly put him into one of the kids rooms. Brought his blankee from the carrier and put it outside the door. We allowed him the evening to get use to the room and smells. The next morning we locked up 3 of our cats (not the oldest cause she doesn't care about any of them) and let him wander the house for a couple of hours. We then locked him back up and let ours out again. We did this again in the evening. The second day we let the other female out for the morning. Then we let one male out in the evening. On the third evening I said ok....let the games begin. All of them were allowed to wander freely. There was some hissing, following and growling. Our 2yr male went after him 3 times (no blood shed just lots of noise and a bit of fur flying). But all in all it has gone well. Our four seem to be getting use to the idea of this other intruder. It was cute the 4 yr & 2 yr (female) were playing and along comes the new guy - the 4yr stopped playing and just sat there growling while the female hid behind the couch. They wouldn't let him play - he just mewwed softly and walked away. AWWWW so sad. I'm confident though that it is a matter of time that they play together.
Sorry for being so long winded. But I wanted to let you all know that the posts and links I found here helped lots. And we will be frequenting here lots now. Hopefully we can help as much as we have been helped.

Thanks everyone!!!!!

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Excellent! Glad to hear the information here has been a help. It's always nice to get positive feedback.
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