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Rip Bugsey 1992-2006

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Bugsey has been my kitty since I was 10 years old. My mom brought him home the day before christmas eve, I remember that my friend was over and we played with him all day. By 6 months old, Bugsey was roaming the streets durring the day, and we would regularly hear him getting into fights with other cats. He always won the fights though, so we never worried. He was named after the mobster, and we figured he was taking care of "the business". I remember coming home from vacation when Bugsey was 7 months and finding him with broken paw. Turns out he got so confident after beating up the neighborhood cats he tried to take on our dogs, and lost.

Bugsey was indoor/outdoor for most of his life, and wasn't always affectionate. Except for his "hugs". When you held him Bugsey didn't like to have paws on one side of your shoulders, he liked one to be on either shoulder so he could cuddle up to you and lay his head against your neck. But cuddling didn't come often with Bugsey. That all changed when I was 17. We let him out one day, and he didn't come back for three days. This had never happened before and we were sure he was dead. On the fourth day he finally dragged himself back to the house, with puncture wounds all over his body. Some wild animal had gotten ahold of him and left him for dead. We nursed him back to health, and from that moment on, Bugsey became the most sweet, apreciateive, attention seeking cat you have ever met. He also become indoor only, and we liked to joke that instead of taking care of "the business" he was "delegating". He would meow every time you walked near him, until you came to pet him. If you sat next to him, he was in your lap, kneeding your chest and cuddling with you within seconds.

Bugsey was smart. He knew how to sit, sit up, and give kisses. He actually went a little psycho when I went to college. He started pulling out his own fur on his sides. It was never anything serious, just another aspect of this wonderful cat (I wish I'd known about Feliway then, it might have helped).

Over the last few years as Bugsey has gotten older, and his health deteriorated quickly. On the night of Aug 3, my mom came home to find Bugsey looking pathetic and worn out. This was usual, but she could tell something else was wrong. She sat with him and he curled into her lap, giving his loudest purr. After a few minutes, he passed away. My kitty, that I've had for nearly 14 years, who has always been there, is gone. Because I don't live at home, i didn't get to say goodbye or help bury him. That fact still weighs on me. However, I know Bugsey is in a place where he can be safe and play outside, and he's healthy and happy.

I just wanted to share Bugseys story with you so you can begin to understand just how special my kitty was. I'll miss him forever, he was the greatest cat a girl could ask for.

RIP Bugsey...I love you
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What a Lovely tribute to your Bugsey, it appears that he lived a wonderful life, I feel sad for your loss no doubt but some things are out of our control. Lots of to you durning this tough time,
I am sure he was well Loved and I'm sure he Loved you and your family. You can't blame yourself for not being there sometimes things don't wait. I can say I know what it feels like but I do not know the pain you are feeling, but Bugsey is now playing with all the other kitties that have crossed before him, and he is once again Healthy and Happy. RIP Sweet Bugsey and watch over your Mommy as she is very broken hearted from the loss of you, and you make sure to run and greet her when that time comes so you can share the Love that you had once before but now will have forever at The Rainbow Bridge
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I am so sorry for your loss of Sweet Bugsey. May he RIP
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Oh I am sorry for the loss of your sweetheart Bugsey - it was a fitting way to depart across the bridge, laid in the lap of your mum
Dont worry about not being there - Bugsey knows you loved him and will hear your goodbyes and words of love for him

Heres some hugs to help you & your family through the forthcoming days

RIP little one - run across the bridge, all your new fur-family are waiting for you
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I am truely sorry for your loss what a beautiful tribute you have giving. I know he will keep you in his heart like you keep him in yours. Rest in peace over the Rainbow Bridege Bugsey.

Hugs for you
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I am so sorry for your loss. I think not being there to see him makes it even harder. Give yourself time to grieve. When you make it home, you can put some flowers (or catnip) on Bugsey's grave.

Rest in peace, Bugsy, old guy. Safely over the rainbow bridge. Look for Inchy when you get there...he is a spunky little kitten who could use a wise gentleman's help in watching over him!
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace and perfect health Bugsey at Rainbow Bridge.
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I'm so sorry Know that Bugsey is safe with a lot of new friends at the bridge, and when the time comes for you to be with each other again Bugsey will be there to give you the biggest headbutt you've ever known
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I feel so sad for you asnd youe family. I'm sure that Bugsey will be waiting for you over the bridge.


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