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something in the roof!

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Ok, so there's definitely something in the roof!

It has nails, it is digging rapidly like I would imagine a chipmunk would and scurrying about up there and it made some sound that sort of sounded like a kitten crying, and it's sounds bigger than a squirrel.

We do have a lot of feral cats around here, but the way it's digging and running is a lot different than a cat digging, at least from the way it sounds (it's really fast, like a motor). But the sounds it makes sounds like a 6-8 week old kitten crying. We have things like squirrels, opossums, racoons, chipmunks, etc around here.

His landlord put up a thing where he can somehow get out but not back in, but he's still up there running around.

There are always a crowd of ferals and indoor/outdoors on his porch every morning nearest to the part of the roof this creature is living. We found a small hole on the ceiling, but how would anything get up there? I also noticed a part of the roof where a shingle looked loose, but we have no idea if there's a hole under there.

Any ideas?
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Racoons can sound alot like that maybe you have one in your attic?
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I'm not sure either! I can say that I live in the country, and every fall we get some critters moving into our ceiling...this year it was a baby possum. I never heard crying, but it sure crawled around a lot.

Then we had a mouse, too. Garfield actually caught it, but let it go! (Silly cat!) I think he did convince it to move back out to the cornfields, though!

Keep us posted on your little critter. I hope it finds its way outside, soon!
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We had the same thing happen, and it turned out to be raccoons. I was relieved, because the noise woke only me every night, and I kept imagining Lovecraft's "The Rats in the Walls" story coming to life.

Cheers, from
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Definatly sounds like a raccoon
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Sorry to disagree with everyone...but it sounds very much like a squirrel to me

I just love squirrels..They're so cute

Seriously though,It sounds to me like a very young squirrel,that has found itself away from its mother,It's very likely that the cats have scared it into taking shelter in your roof,away from the cats.
If you could keep your cats in for a daytime,I'm sure the squirrels mother would come look for her babie or the babie would come out on it's own if it is quiet enough.

Good luck with the little one anyway
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I'd guess a raccoon, too. They seem to be able to get in anywhere, and certainly do a lot of scratching (and damage).
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My mind went to either squirrel or raccoon. If you live in the heart of Chicago, it is more likely a squirrel - not that there aren't raccoon's there, just a lot fewer than what you'd find further out. I grew up there and haven't seen a coon in the city since the 60's.
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew View Post
Racoons can sound alot like that maybe you have one in your attic?

Yeah that would be my quess too
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Oh, sorry, the lack of sleep is manifesting itself.
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