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Crazy Frog

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Have you all heard of the crazy frog song?

My 4 year old and my hubby are watching this clip all the time and laughing so hard it had me rolling on the floor here is the link to it LOL


my son driving around on his little invble. motor too hahahaha
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Awww! Your son sounds like he's sooo adorable! ! I have never heard that song though
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I have heard that song before and LOVE it. I am such a kid.
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I use to annoy my Fh with it
He hates it but I love it!!!
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HA!! Yes I've heard it before,a thousand times!!!!! and the other 'song' too,It was very funny the first fifty times,forgive me if I don't listen to it again

That crazy frog was part spawned in the city I live two years ago and has been a nuisance ever since....

This great City
The Birthplace of The Vegetarian Society and the City whose fathers bore such acting greats as
Robert Powell - aka- Jesus of Nazareth
Ben Kingsley - aka-Ghandi
Albert Finney - actor
Elkie Brookes -singer
L s Lowry -painter
Russel Watson - singer

And NOW..... forever our city will always be remembered for THAT darn crazy frog!!!!
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i used that song last year in a movie presentation for a boys chorus. it was a riot.
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