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Drinking water

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My kitten doesn't seem to be drinking a lot of water. I put fresh water out for him everyday, but he's not too keen about it. I've tried tap water and filtered water, same response. How much water are they suppose to drink anyways?

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Cats that eat wet food usually don't drink as much water as those who have only dry. She could be drinking while you aren't home, or sleeping. If she's peeing I wouldn't worry about it, but would keep the fresh water available.

Cheers, from
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Yeah, he eats mostly wet food and he does pee a few times a day ... so I guess he's okay.


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I agree that cats who have wet vs dry food are getting more water through the food. But have you tried ice cubes in the water? I give mine ice cubes with their filtered water and they love it! Both Max and Sarah love it as did Sam and Patrick .
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I heard of a person who had your exact problem and decided to start making sure the toilet lids were closed and the problem went away.
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I used to worry about Dushka but then discovered she liked to drink from a dripping tap. Your kitty sounds Ok but you can test for dehydration by pinching the skin at the back of the neck, letting go and seeing if it stays up. If it goes down at once then all is OK.
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Have you tried putting a water dish somewhere away from the food dish? For some reason, my cats won't drink the water that's beside their food, but they'll drink from the other water bowls we have around the house.
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Thanks guys!

In response to the toilet lid ... it's always closed as is the bathroom door. I don't let him in there unless I'm in there cleaning up, doing my make-up, brushing my teeth.

I'll try keeping the bowl away from the food.

I also give him cat milk every couple of days or so ...

Thanks again!

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I also found that since I bought the PetMate water fountain both our kitties seems to drink more. It was quite inexpensive and they love it. I also only give them bottled water.
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