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My kitten doesn't like catnip....

We sprayed it on the scratching post - NOTHING
We got her toys with catnip - NOTHING

I know she can smell... this isn't the issue.

Are all cats supposed to like the stuff or is my kitty just weird?!?

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Actually, some cats aren't affected by the stuff at all. It is a hereditary trait whether or not they like catnip. Also, it has been said that it doesn't have the same effect on kittens as cats. If I remember right, the catnip thing generally doesn't hit cats until they are almost a year old.
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For a while Sampson, HATED catnip. He'd crinkle his nose at it and run away like it was this big awfull thing I was making him smell. As time went on and the other cats in the household enjoyed it he must have been wondering what he was missing because he took a liking to it and now becomes VERY protective of the pile.

I've heard the same thing Heidi mentioned about kittens not being affected by it. Kittens we get at the clinic could care less about the stuff but I suppose there's always exceptions to the rule.
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