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Show grooming

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So, for the first time in my life, I'm going to show a Persian and an NFO. They are both red tabbys. I've been advised by the local expert to buy 2 different types of shampoos, goop, a color enhancer, a light conditioner and a demattifier.

Is it all really neccessary? I know that Persians are supposed to have a cotton wool coat but NFO's aren't.

Any advise before I embark on this adventure???

Or should I post this in the grooming board?

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I've only done turkish angoras (rest were all sh's). But I would think the conditioner would act like a detangler - it does with humans

Goop is used on persians to help cut any grease. If you've kept your grooming up with combing they shouldn't have tangles.

I would use a bronze shampoo if they are both red tabbies. And a light conditioner after. Then you will have to comb and blow them dry - they can't just air dry. So you might need 2 people after the bath.

Also I know that people with brown or red cats, sometimes use a tiny bit of bay rum on the coat before you got in the ring - it makes the red shine.

The ONLY persians that have the cotton coats are whites or blues - the rest (like black/brown tabby) do NOT have a cottony coat.
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Hmmm - diluted bay rum I would assume? I think I'm the only one with red tabbies - I have a passion for reds!

I've kept up with the daily grooming but not with the weekly baths for Donny the persian. Lou the NF is just coming into his winter coat.

I honestly thought that all persians needed a cottony coat for show - not just whites and colors with white - that's very interesting!

Do you agree with the bi-weekly bathing for the persian?
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Bi-weekly baths (with water) are too much for any cat - long or short hair (other then the hairless sphynx which needs at least daily wipes). Or are you talking every other week bath?

Cats that are shown every week would get baths every week - otherwise they don't get washed unless they get dirty. My rex who died got baths before every show; when he was retired, he got baths maybe once a month. As he got older and couldn't groom as well, I had to go back to baths once a week or every 2 weeks just so he didn't look so "unkept".

Too much washing without using conditioner can make the coat dry out, and get dirty faster as you strip the oils out.

Different colors have different textures. You need to get a good grooming book out for persians or talk to persian breeders as to their routine. Whites in almost all the breeds have a totally different texture - have NO idea why
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My abys get bathed only before shows (except for Stevie since he's entire and sprays)! I was advised by Persian breeders here and elsewhere that to get maximum coat length/density, at least weekly or twice a week (with conditioner). Lou gets bathed once every six weeks or so...it's a battle to bathe him really and he's BIG!

I had my first lesson in show grooming a persian today and I am thankful that I don't breed them! The bath took around 30 minutes and the drying took 1 hour!!! I salute all persian breeders and exhibitors everywhere! They really have their work cut out for them!

And you're right GK - cotton coats only for whites, bi-colour and calicos!
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If that's the case in washing persians, no wonder lots of breeders do a lion cut on non-showing cats - way too much washing/drying for me

I'll take those wash/wear cats over longhairs any day
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