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Taj Mahal is my purebred 5-year old Persian Blue Smoke extreme. Since Tajee was 6-months a cortisone protocol has been administered by our vet to treat an undiagnosed reoccuring genetic swollen mouth and lip sore problem. I have tried crushing lysine into his food, but it must have a bitter taste since he will leave most of it all over his food mat. The sores look a lot like herpes simplex #1. Antibiotics do not work and the cortisone is the quickest remedy. The breeder closed her doors because several of her felines have this congenital disorder. A few different vets have looked at him, but the diagnosis is the same. I can provide medical records. My vet said that this is something that veterinary science has not conclusively established the root cause. I am concerned that we will have to extract teeth since it has moved to inside the mouth as well as the lip area. Apparently, it seems to move from side to side on his mouth, lips and gum line. I use soft music to establish a serene enviornment for him and try to keep him restive. He lives inside only, but monitors the patio area since strays visit the area in the middle of the night endlessly howling and causing him some distress. Do you know of anything that can be given to Taj for the mouth sore issue? Sometimes, our vet will make him wait to get the shot as the problem has increased with more frequency (every 3 - 4 months). This appearance seems painful for Taj so I really don't know what else can be done. Thank you for reading this concern.
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I can't help you, I'm not a vet and I haven't experienced this before...but check your pm, I've sent you one!
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This sounds like eiosinophilic granuloma ...here is a vet site that discusses this condition...warning, contains graphic photos.


I know it has some recommendations for treatment, but probably, if I am correct that this is what your vet had diagnosed your kitty with, you are already doing this. I hope someone, one of the vet techs here, will have a suggestion for you.
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I have been reading in this forum about herped that cats get and using lysine for it, which a lot of humans do as well. Can cats take acylivor, the human medication for herpes?
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Maybe check into Transfer Factor won't hurt. Here is a link to a thread a while back. (February 19 - Jake very sick)

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Thank you for your response!
Our vet has been administering Depo Medrol as an injectible for 5-years now. He is checking into lysine and alternatives to add to his diet regime.
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One thing I've had a lot of luck with is fish oil capsules containing Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids (recommended on a German EGC forum). The dose is one 500 mg. capsule, slit and squeezed over food, every day for c. 6 weeks, and then one capsule a week for maintenance. A number of cat foods now also contain the Omega fatty acids.
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i would take him to a different vet for a second opinion on his current health issue.
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