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Wednesday's DT

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Well I am on break now so I have a few minutes to catch up. We are extremely busy at work right now so i only really get to drop by in the morning to the cat site. We are in a backlog situation and the operations manager is breathing down our throats as national headquaters is breathing down his throat! I have been miserable all week. Hubby and I had a nasty arguement on Monday night and he is still not talking to me. (He was being silly and i pointed it out). Woke up this morning to the sound of Merlin being sick. Hubby fed him some roast beef luncheon meat this morning and it didn't sit well. To tell you how sleepy I was - when I was cleaning it up I panicked because I thought he had coughed up some lung tissue (it was pink and brown and meaty looking). After checking it I realized it was the roast beef!

I will try to check in as often as I can, but don't expect to see me much for the rest of the week after 10 am. I hope everyone has a good day!
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Ady-I'm sorry that you aren't having a good week. Hopefully things will get better for you as the week goes on.

Today is a boring and dreary day. Big dark clouds are looming overhead just waiting to open up and drop some big thunderstorms on us. Hopefully they will end by the time I leave for work later today.

I have to take my last test today for my management class. Hopefully I'll get an A on it so I can pull my 76% up to a B. Thats if I get A's on my last homework assignments that I turned in. Wish me luck! After this, I have speech class for 2 more days, then I'm off from school for 3 weeks! Yeah! I really need a break from all this studying.

Have a good day everyone! :flower:
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Ady, I totally understand your panic with "oop" (sounds a lot less nasty than vomit). I do that with Trent - check for hairball, check for anything out of the ordinary, completely panic if it doesn't look right until hubby tells me what Trent was eating that day.

I am so tired...I can't wait until this move is done and over with. I was up until almost midnight packing (my normal bed time is 10:30), and still up at 6:30 to go to work. Will probably be the same tonight and tomorrow, then Friday we start moving what we can. Get the truck for Saturday and Sunday, and have help both of those days. Maybe next week I can sleep. This is pretty rough on the babies, too. Trent is one of those kitties who doesn't deal well with change, and Mommy packing up boxes every night is definitely a change. He made his displeasure known last night by ooping (see above) on some things I was packing. Ophelia just hides.

Happy Hump Day, and stay awake!
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The same old stuff, here: hot and humid, chance of showers. I have to close, tonight so I won't be home for dinner. At least, this is a payday week.

Opie and Rowdy had a major romping and wrestling match, this morning. Ike and I retreated to the patio. It wasn't safe to walk around, in the house.

Have a good one!
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Originally posted by adymarie
Hubby and I had a nasty arguement on Monday night and he is still not talking to me. (He was being silly and i pointed it out).
Must have been the week for it, Ady...hubby and I also had a nasty fight, last night. Lots of yelling and door slamming. (I yelled, he slammed) He was being such a jerk about something that wasn't that big of a deal...he was just crabby before the subject even came it didn't take much to set him off.I tried to be really nice about it at first, but then his whole attitude just rubbed me the wrong way, and his sarcasim didn't help. I told him I was tired of his attitude with me, and that he only thinks of himself, unless he is thinking of his mom or his kids, but what I want or how I feel never matters. He went to bed without his supper...poor guy.... Anyway, he isn't speaking to me either now, so it may be real pleasant in the delivery room tomorrow.

Other than that...I am just taking it easy today. Have to practice two songs I am supposed to sing at a friends wedding on Sept. 7th.

Spooky...hope you do well on your test today!!
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Wow, Susan, you are a brave woman. I'm dreading the less than 1 mile move, let alone 11 1/2 hour drive with 6 cats. Don't we have a Superman-type smilie?
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Sorry to hear about the fight, like you need more stress right now anyway? It will all work out though, just a case of nerves on your part and probably his too. Bet it felt good to yell though! Sometimes arguements are good to clear the air. BTW I made hamballs last night- we loved them! Thanks for the recipe!

It was 106 degrees yesterday! It hasn't been that hot here in over 10 years. All the animals were panting, I finally filled up a plastic kitty pool with a little bit of water, sprinkled some catnip in the water and put their feed bowls in the center full of tasty stuff. They all waded in to eat- even the kittens, so while they fed, they got their feet wet. The McGilly and McBethie played in the water for awhile splashing each other. There was a lady interested in adopting both the kittens, but when I met her whole family, I was not impressed by her kids. They were out of control, so I told her that there was another family also interested in the kits and I would get back to her. What I didn't tell her was that other family was us! They are growing like weeds, and could not be any more different if they tried. McGilly is all over the place, under our feet, in the dishwasher, running amuck and being a little kitty pill. McBethie is mellow and usually just lays on the love seat watching her sister with a raised eyebrow. Mom has decided that house life is for her and when her kits get to rambunctious she sends them scattering with a flick of her paw.

Well that is about all the updating I have time for right now. It is supposed to be 94 degrees today which is a lot cooler than yesterday! lol
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Hissy! I'm so glad you liked the hamballs!!! I know what you mean about it being so hot!!! It is really hot here...although last night it cooled off a bit, and we shut the air off and just opened the windows overnight.

Suzieq...good luck with your move! That is a really long ways away!! I'm sure everything will go smoothly, though.
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Debby! We have something in common. I sang with the Pittsburgh Opera Company for 15 years! I have sung at quite a few weddings too. I have a dramatic soprano voice. I'll bet you're a lyric soprano, just by listening to the recording Mr. Cat made. Of course, I don't have enough breath for opera now, because the high notes take so much, but I still think of myself as a singer.

Hissy, Your new family sounds so great! I'm wondering if you would ever find the right family for them. I think someone named Mary Ann wants them!

Does anyone know what BadHabit has been up to? I miss Jessica.
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Jeanie, I get asked to sing at alot of weddings...I have probably sang at about 15 or so in the past years. I sing soprano or long as the soprano is not too high.
This wedding, my brother and I are singing a duet..."At this moment" which I believe is originally done by Shania Twain and Brian White.
Then also I have to sing Debby Boone's "You light up my life"...which I am not crazy about...but it is her wedding.

I too wondered where Jessica has been, and also we don't see awhole lot of Nena anymore, although she did post yesterday I believe, and Melissa has been gone for quite awhile now...I have been wondering where she is, and how she is doing...and there are also a few others who used to post alot who aren't around. I miss them!
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I just went and made a little voice recording of me singing a tiny bit of the song "At this moment" that I will be doing for the wedding...( I have alot of time on my hands right now, can you tell? :laughing: ) I would love to post it here...but I don't know how and i don't think Mr. cat is around. I can e-mail it to someone if they know how to post it here. If not, not big deal. It sounds alot better with the music anyway!!
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I too have been wondering where BadHabit, Melissa, and some others are. There was such a good "group" here, but some have just seemed to have disappeared. Come out come out wherever you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We miss you!!
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Debby & Jeanie I also sing. I have had 4 years of private opera lessons and I used to co-direct a childrens choir for over 5 years. I am an alto.

I also have wondered where people have been. Nena probably has trouvle getting access to a computer now that she is on a break from school!
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If I remember right, which may not be the case, I think Melissa said she was starting a new job right before she stopped posting as often. Alicia (Nena) graduated from her school so she wasn't able to check in on the computers at school every day like she had done before. I don't know where Jessica (BadHabit) is - I do hope everything is OK and she's just busy.
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Hey everyone I saw my name on here and thought I ought to check in I come here and read the posts on a regular basis, but haven't been posting much. My life's been kind of crazy lately, my hubby and I have been seperated for the last 3 months and are in the process of putting things back together, so I've just been too wrapped up in things to get involved in anything really.

I haven't started a new job yet- but I'm going to speak to somebody tomorrow about working for them in their store. I wanted to enjoy things with the kids this summer before i went back to work. They both start school in a few weeks, my youngest is going for the first time this year. I'm happy for him, but also a little sad- hes my baby

I've also been told by my sons allergist that I'm supposed to rehome my cats, and I've been in the process of looking for homes for them I'm keeping Gypsy, because shes very,very attached to my daughter and its been hard enough on her and her brother not having their dad here- i don't want to make it worse by taking her kitty from her. I'm doing well finding homes for the others, although its breaking my heart to do so

Sorry for not posting much, I miss all of you guys so much. Its just been a really rough time for me this summer. Thankfully things seem to be a bit on the up and up in the last little while. Your concern is very touching, thank you :rainbow:
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Melissa, I'm so sorry about the rough times you are going through. I don't even know what to say, except if there is anything I can do, let me know. I know you have lots of support from others, but I offer mine as well.
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Oh Melissa, I am so sorry you are having a rough time right now. I hope you and your husband are able to work things out and get back together.

I also hope you are able to find good homes for your kitties, I know how much you love them. That must be really tough. I'm sure you'll place them in loving families though, and hopefully it'll be in your sons best medical interest. Poor thing. Allergies are so hard sometimes.

Post again, to keep us up to date on you! Glad to hear from you.
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Someone actually noticed I was gone! I feel so semi important. Hooray for me!!

I've been around really, just popping in every so often but I've been so busy with.. well life really. I miss you guys and I miss taking the time to read and respond to posts but there's just not enough time.

I'm sloooooooowly trying to get out of my job and into a new one. It's tough because I have no direction(that always helps huh?) but I am completely miserable at work. I'll figure it out I'm sure.

Hopefully I'll get to come back here a little more often. Take care all and hug your kitties for me.:tounge2:
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Wasn't it great to hear from Melissa and Jessica again? We get attached to our friends, and when we don't hear from them we worry. I hope Nena checks in now, and I hope that Blue and Sunlion can soon come back also. Life always has unexpected turns, and they're not always pleasant, so God bless, Melissa, Blue, and Sunlion. We care about you. And Jessica, we'll pray that you get the job you want. Please hurry back, everyone. Your friends miss you.
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Melissa, my baby starts this year also. It is kind a bittersweet moment but I am so happy he will get to make some new "friends". Plus, I guess with me working full time, it kind of makes me feel a little less guilty knowing he will be doing something fun also.

Nice to read up on everyone. (welcome back)

BTW: I sing too!!!! (does Karaoke count????) I am not sure if I sing Alto, soprano or anything else but I do know that after one or two coolers it is impossible to get the mike away from me!!! :LOL: I did sing during my high school years though. The one that sticks in my mind is "The Rose" I bet everyone has sang that one. I wish that my parents had insisted I take singing lessons because although my voice is okay, I have a "squeaking" problem when it gets a little too high.

Debby, the duet you are going to sing with your brother is a beautiful song. Can you record it and pass it on my way???????
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Melissa and Jessica! I was so glad to see posts from you both!
Melissa, I too am sorry to hear about the problems you have been having...I hope everything works out for you, it sounds like things are looking better. You can always talk to us here, if you just want to get anything off your chest...I always feel better after i do that. It is good to see you again.
Jessica, I hope you can get out of that job you hate, and find something you really enjoy. It was good to hear from you, too!

Ghys....I have that little bit of the the first line or so, recorded on a voice recording, I could e-mail it to you, if you have real player downloaded to play it on..but you'd have to PM me your e-mail. I don't know if I'll be on in the morning or not, but I will try.

PS.... If anyone talks to Blue...tell her we miss her here and wish she would stop by and tell us how she is doing. I know she has been going through some hard times, and I think of her often.
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