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Fat kitten?

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Ok, so it's been awhile since I've posted about Tigger, but since he got neutered at the beginning of the month, he has been eating LIKE CRAZY! I mean, he was already a vacuum cleaner before... He usually gets 1 pouch of Nutro NC wet food in the AM and dry food (EVO) free choice. He usually inhales his pouch of wet, and then eats a whole bowl of dry, which is about 1/2 cup. After I fill it up he usually eats the "new" bowl of food later at night....and then after it's filled up again, he eats the bowl over the course of the night...etc etc. I can't remember how much he weighs, but he is a little over 5 months old and does look rather...large. I know that you shouldn't limit a kitten's food, but has anybody had a similar experience and solution? lol thanks in advance!
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I'd have your vet check him out. Lily has slowly been getting more and more chubby and I stopped free-feeding her the dry. I actually cut back enough that I had to start giving Eve and extra meal of wet because she was getting too skinny. She was still gaining chub so I took her in to the vet (she ended getting a URI/herpes later that afternoon so it's a good thing I already had an appointment for her) and the vet said she was getting much to chubby. She's about 7 months and just over 7 lbs but she's a small kitten. The vet put her on a diet- 1/4 can of Chicken Soup (same amount of wet as before, but no brand switching allowed) and 1/3 cup dry Chicken Soup (about half of what she had been eating after I stopped free-feeding her).

I wouldn't have thought to cut her food back that far so it's a good thing I got the vet's advice.

Also, I think Evo is supposed to be very dense and have lots of calories. I remember hearing that you have to be careful with the amount you feed because of that.
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Well he has been acting perfectly fine and hasn't had any trouble urinating (or doing so too frequently) etc. I will bring him to work with me on Monday (I work at a vet) and see what he says.
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Talk to the vet ... The EVO may just be to calloric for your little one... Not all kitties need HIGH high protein and fat
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