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Pete peed on the sofa. Thank goodness I had plastic covering the seats. I took the sofa apart, put clean plastic over the seats, put on a new sofa cover and figured that I would keep everyone off it by spraying it with my favorite cologne.

I sprayed the couch with Gardenia, the whole house smells wonderful. I turned around and Tammy-Timmy and ChanKahli, who wouldn't give each other the right time of day last week, are rolling on the couch. They've got the scent all over their bodies. I thought this stuff was supposed to keep cats off the couch?????
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Hahahaha... This is a problem? Can't help you there, I can't stand the smell of gardenia myself! I think citrus scents keeps cats away....?
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Some flower scents, like lilac, are the same as catnip for cats.

Citrus (*orange, lemon) keeps the kitties away. But you'd do better with a Feliway diffuser in the room; the cat won't pee where its facial pheromones are 'marking' the couch. Feliway mimics the smell of the cat's 'facial rub' mark.
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I guess I must have a strange cat.
I used to use orange scented furniture polish and I had to stop using it because everytime I dusted Gracie came right after me licking all the furniture
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Oh Graciecat, thank you so very much. You made my day
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Glad I could give you a laugh.
I just wanted to kill all three of them actually.

After Gracie was done with the licking then she would jump up on the coffee table and roll and roll and roll all over it...I can't tell you how many times she just rolled right off the end.
Then she'd get on the bottom shelf of the coffee table and do the same thing.
Then it was on to the end tables...top and and bottom, then the computer desk....anything I'd dusted in the living room.
She didn't do the furniture in any of the other rooms...I guess the living room tired her out

If that wasn't bad enough the other two would come along and start licking ever inch of Gracie's body...it was like a freak show, but it was pretty funny.

Anything that smells like oranges is like catnip for her.
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