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About Ripken

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Ripken was born along with 2 other kittens to our mother cat Nala,11 years ago.
We kept Ripken and his sister Mandy along with Nala, but we gave away Ripken's brother to a family member. At the time we were allowing our cats outside and needless to say one day Mandy did not come home.We found her several days later, it seemed like she was hit by a car.

Ripken and Nala have been together for the last 11 years and for the last 2 years they have become indoor cats. Ripken was always a big boy (13 pds) and his mom was about 7 pds. They played together all the time. But Ripken to me was a special cat, he always had to be with me no matter where I was. Always looking for attention and always getting it at least from me anyway. My wife,son and daughter have always said that I spoiled him.

I did notice for a while the past few months that he was drinking a lot more water than normal. I did not think too much of this but then he started scratching himself a lot. I tried different shampoos but this did not help.

Well I did post his story about going to the vets and getting a cortisone shot and then getting worse, he had liver,kidney and water in his lungs last saturday and had to be put down. We still have his mom (Nala) left but it sure is not the same. She seems confused by the whole thing and I still think that she thinks Ripken is outside and will be coming in soon.

We all miss him so much but being on this website and getting message from everyone has really helped in the healing process. Thanks to everyone on this site you all seem like great people.

Ripken (after Cal Ripken-Baltimore Orioles)
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I suspect just as you and your family are grieving for your beloved Ripken,
so is precious Nala.
My heart goes out to all of you at this time of loss.
Play at the Bridge with your sister Mandy sweet Ripken.
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Play happily at Rainbow Bridge together.

Rest in peace Ripken and Mandy.
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I know this is a hard time, and I am praying for you all. Kiss sweet Nala for me.
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RIP little Ripken, run and play with all your new fur-friends over the bridge, your sister Mandy is there too

Heres sending lots of warm hugs to you and all your family to take you through the forthcoming days - my kitty-crew also send lots of to your kitty Nala.
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I am so sorry for you and your families loss and Nala's loss aswell.

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Well it's been just over 3 weeks and I am slowly coming around after losing Ripken, but his mom Nala is taking it very hard. She is crying a lot and wants to go otside which I think she thinks that Ripken is outside.

She is not eating like normal but over the last two days she is eating a little more.

It's been difficult on all of us, RIP My Ripken, I really miss you little man.
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Our kitties really do grieve don't they.
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I am praying for you!
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RIP ripken, play at the bridge,
some kitties really do grieve, they know there friend is missing.
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Originally Posted by Ripken View Post
his mom Nala is taking it very hard. She is crying a lot and wants to go otside which I think she thinks that Ripken is outside. She is not eating like normal but over the last two days she is eating a little more.
I'm so very sorry for your loss

Whats been said here many times in situations such as Nalas is to sit her down and explain what happend to Ripken, and tell her that she will see her little boy again over at Rainbow Bridge Bless her heart, i hope she feels better soon.

I hope your having a wonderful time over at the bridge Ripkin, but keep looking down on your mum as she's missing you so much

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So sorry about Ripken
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I am so sorry for your loss. I gues it is twice as hard for you because not only you lost your dear Ripken, but you also have to watch poor Nala feeling so bad and so lonely now that shes lost her boy and companion. After so many years together it must be very difficult to get used to live without somebody. But it always is!
RIP dear Ripken, now you are playing with all our departed furbabies at the Bridge.
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