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Cat will not stop meowing

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Hey all! New to this forum!
I got a 5 year old tabby cat who's basically an indoor, who goes into the yard and has always slept inside and come in when it gets late (against her free will of course)
Now she wants to stay out but there are raccoons, coyotes, other cats, skunks, etc. and she's very territorial so I know if i left her, a couple days will pass and I'll find her half eaten on my way to my car in the morning.

Now, she meows by the door, this piercing meow that makes me cringe just to hear. It's one of the most annoying sounds I've ever heard and makes me almost want to pour a bucket of cold water on her. I've tried to associate meowing with negative behaviour by spraying the dust off can (she hates it) every time she meows by the door, but no luck.

She'll go nuts around 8 every night, accept that she has to come in, then go nuts about 4 am again and won't stop meowing until she has her way. I don't know what to do with her.
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Well, I hate to say this...because NO ONE on this board will agree with me...but the same thing happend to my other cat, Smoke. She went crazy inside...she *HATED* it. She got to where she would just back into the corner and hiss until she got out...she refused to use the litter box, ect. We had to let her out...let her become an outdoor only cat(Because if I pick her up and even start to carry her towards the house, she goes crazy!). That was three years ago...and we have coons, plenty of strays, ALOT of dogs...and she is still fine. I just keep her vacinated and feed her on the deck. I know there are so many who wouldn't agree with me, but I'm sorry that's just what we had to do...what my vet said to do too!
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Originally Posted by PrincessTiffany View Post
Well, I hate to say this...because NO ONE on this board will agree with me.. me
As the meowmy of indoor/outdoor cats (spayed/neutered of course) - I AGREE WITH YOU.
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Jupiter is an indoor/outdoor cat of his own choice too (and will be until I move out to my own place, then we'll see...), and I agree that if you are careful then some cats are better being indoor/outdoor.

Why not try to deter predators and put up cat fences so that she is enclosed to your yard rather than free roaming into danger (and to keep out nasty predators).

How long has this behaviour been going on for? Has she had a vet check recently to rule out any problems (she could have a bladder problem which is causing her pain and may prefer to pee outside or something)? Has there been any changes to her enviroment such as new cats moving in that she might want to play with/protect her territory from?
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It sounds like you may have a kitty with an outdoor natural instinct preference! I also will not disagree............Maia is an indoor kitty, but we are in NYC, with a rooftop garden. Still she only goes where I go by her choice. Some cats just are'nt happy as indoors only, some are only happy that way...............
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Hmmmm - As someone who only in the past 2-3 years started keeping her cats strictly indoors, I understand your position. Is your cat spayed??? And when did you make the decision to keep her indoors?

All I can say is : Make a very concious decision on allowing her to be indoor/outdoor. If she does die from raccoons, coyotes etc. then you'll have to live with your decision.

I agree that you should take her to the vet first to update her vaccinations (and get her spayed if she isn't already) before you let her outdoors again.

Another option of course, is to build an outdoor enclosure for her...it doesn't have to be very large, and it doesn't have to cost a lot of money.

Good luck!
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This is why I think it is best to never introduce your kitty to the outdoors. Once they experience all that nature, they do not want to be forced to go in the house. It is strctly on their terms. I wouldn't even take them out on a leash.
Mine are very content to view the outdoors from a screened window. Well, I think Fang, my rescue guy might like to be out since he used to live in the street, but he really doesn't push then issue. So for those of you that are considering allowing your cats to go out, be prepared for lots of demanding meows by the door at all hours.
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Thanks guys! We have a six-foot fence outside. She has the whole yard to play in, but other animals can easily sneak in...my neighbor's cat comes and bothers mine all the time...sometimes my cat will go outside just to defend her territory and chase a cat away who is on the patio staring her down. It seems kind of cruel, cause the other cat just stares at her through the glass door and doesn't move or respond when my cat is hissing at it. So I let my cat out and the other one runs away...seems like it's a s*** disturber. Maybe a .22 would be more warranted? haha jk
My cat IS spayed and this has been happening for the last 4 years or so or whenever she wants to go outside. I don't thinks he has a bladder problem cause she sleeps all day and wants to go out all night. She is starting to find ways to get out of the yard, which troubles me cause other larger, fast animals lurk just on the other side of the fence and sometimes IN the yard!
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I would do whatever you can to keep her indoors at night..............This is when the real predators come out. And just remember, if a cat wants to get out, they will figure out how, so try to give her whatever helps keep her close to home..................
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