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Vaccinations for Foster Hosts

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I posted about this on the pregnant cats and Kittens board but I would like to know more... MUCH MORE!!!

I am wanting to foster for a shelter in my area and take care of pregnant cats, cats with litters, or orphans. I have three adult cats of my own and I want to know what I should vaccinate for.

I called several vets and the shelter to ask advice. I got 2 answers.

"Distemper and Rabies"
"Distemper is all you need"

My cats only had their first shots because they are not to go outside. But being a foster mom I have to protect my babies. So I'm not at all familiar with any vaccinations or diseases that my babies could get!
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just bringing it back from the bottom of the page since no one has responded
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The rescue organization I belong to (which Jamie is from) recommends that "host" cats be vaccinated against FPV (feline panleukopenia virus/distemper), FHV-1 (feline herpesvirus 1), FCV (feline calicivirus), chlamydia, FeLV (feline leukemia virus) and rabies. In other words, just about everything except FIP or FIV, which are on the list as options, although FIV is uncommon around this area. Many of the foster cats are ferals, though.
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I too have been thinking of fostering and all my cats get the 4 in 1 vaccine. Because I thought Tammy-Timmy was pregnant ( she wasn't) I held off getting her shots, but I did get her spayed. Next week everyone in the house will get a 4 in 1 shot. The older ones for a booster and Tammy-Timmy because she was a stray and I know nothing about her shot history. You should be pretty safe with a 4 in 1.
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the 4 in one only protects against distemper doesn't it?
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Originally Posted by junglebutterfly View Post
the 4 in one only protects against distemper doesn't it?
I think it depends on where you live, but a 4-in-1 would definitely be for more than distemper. Just looking at my vaccination records, the cats used to get a combination shot for feline infectious enteritis and respiratory viral diseases, and separate rabies and FeLV (leukemia) shots, but now get one shot for enteritis, respiratory diseases, and feline leukemia, and a separate one for rabies.
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Have you considered contacting the group you would like to foster for & asking them what they reccomend? I think the vaccinations reccomended depends on the area.
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The shelter I am fostering for is actually the one that said that all they need is distemper!!!

This just doesnt feel right to me...

I dont know if I could forgive myself if my babies got sick because I brought in unknown animals.

it seems like there should be tons of things to be worried about when bringing in animals that have lived who knows where in who knows what conditions...

You know what I mean????
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That seems odd....maybe you should call your vet for a reccomendation on what vaccinations instead! Or, you could just be on the safe side & vaccinate for rabies & the distemper combo shot.....
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