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Sierra died today

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I know this is for cats but today we had to put our 7 year old German Shepard (she will alway be my puppy) to sleep. I have a hard time believing she's gone no matter how many times I tell myself that she's dead. I hope that there is something after this life and that she isn't alone. We are without her.
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I am very sorry at your loss. We will have you and Sierra in our thoughts.
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Suli - this forum is for our grief, no matter where it comes from. You have suffered a great loss today and, your pup has gone to the Bridge. You are lonely for her, and I am so very sorry that she had to leave you. Your babe will be at the Bridge waiting for you! I promise!!
Take a moment to read the sticky at the top of this forum, entitled Rainbow Bridge..........

You are in our thoughts and prayers
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Suli, My heart aches for you. I have lost four dogs who were loved so much. Each was special and took part of my heart with her. I am confident that God loves us and wants us to have joy, and some day, perfect joy. I believe that will include being reunited with four very much loved collies. I feel confident that you and your puppy will be together again someday.
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I'm so sorry. Sierra was a very special dog, and she knew how much she was loved. Find comfort in the good times you shared and the joy you brought into each other's lives.
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Blessed be Suli. My heart aches for you. I know how badly it hurts. I have been there. I didn't have the comfort of knowing and believing in the Rainbow Bridge at that time. Sierra is there I'm sure and you will see her again. Sierra will wait for you but know that she is healthy, happy and content to play until you get there.
Hugs, Dee
Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady & Sammy
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How sad ....... never mind that this is a cat site !!! you are welcome !! we can share your grief ; together it may be easier to cope ... !!
Take care !!!

ps. Look at this site , it is free
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